Please Help with this shoe size!

  1. i've had weird experiences with CL shoes cuz some run smaller and some run bigger depending on style. i dont really have time to go into store to try stuffs so i ususally buy it online. Anyone have this shoes and know if they run small or big? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!
  2. I do not have it but my guess is at least a size small. Is it patent? That would make a difference. I love it though!!! Where did you see it??
  3. Barney's on sale too!!! i bought three cuz i dont know how size goes so i bought 6, 6.5 and 7...i called Barney's and they told me i can just return it to store.
  4. Well surely one of those will work. Better safe than sorry. Cute dog! Notice how many of us put our 4 legged best friends on our avator??:smile:
  5. I tried this shoe on at Barneys and found it to be TTS. It is a round toe and fits like the simple pump.
  6. Nothing to do with shoe sizes but just added my doggy avatar!
  7. I purchased this yesterday morning and I bought my simple pump size. It looks like it had the same structure. I have not tried it on in person, but I'm glad you did Lavender. LOL
  8. By the way, the style is called MISS BUNNY. Cl Horatio received it months ago, but I'm glad I listed to somebody's advice and found it on sale. LOL
  9. The Miss Bunny runs the same as the simple pump, in fact, I believe it is the same shoe just has the added bow up front. I find the simple pump to be very comfortable but when I tried these on at the barneys sale, they are extremely uncomfortable, that bow just sits too high on the foot and really digs into my foot - but that was just my experience, perhaps it will be better for you.
    What color did you get? I think the burgundy/purple is the prettiest.
  10. thnx you guys for ur words!!!! they only had blk so i got blk with gold bow...can't believe i got three cuz i didnt know wat size to get but we'll see how this shoes goes~ thanx you guyz again!
  11. My sister has a boxber!