Please help with this original sofia

  1. I have a grape Sophia. The leather looks like the same quality - and the number of buckle holes on the strap looks correct. But as regards the interior - I'm not 100% sure - I think some of them were lined in black - but you need another vintage MJ expert.
  2. Hmmm I thought the original Sophia had the buckles and that the limited edition that came the year after had the straps on the pockets. I do not recall a black interior but my city was very limited in what it received. Hope all is well. mm
  3. Baglover may know. She's really good with MJ. Also check the ref thread to see if anything was posted about the bag already:smile:
  4. Fall 02's black Sofia is lined with black suede.
    Leather is nicer than the limited edition batch released in Spring 05.

  5. the leather on this black one, is so smooth and soft....almost makes me think its not real....feels lighter too.
    my vermillion sofia's leather is a bit thicker feeling and has some texture.
    is that how its supposed to be??
  6. This is not an original sophia but came out about two years ago after the sophia was very popular. I had this style and bought it at Neiman Marcus about two years ago. It was a limited edition style and had a beige suede lining. It should have a metal plate inside that says it is an anniversary edition. I don't have the bag anymore I would take pictures.