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  1. Hi,

    My first time here so I hope you guys can help. I'm thinking of buying a nice white Kelly handbag as a surprise gift for my wife's upcoming birthday. I've found this bag and the price seems too good to be true. Plus after checking the "bids", all of them seem to be from non-descript bidders, very strange!

    Can you experts tell from the pictures if this bag is a real Hermes Kelly?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I am no experts in Hermes products, but I own several Hermes bags. Even amateurs like me can tell the bag is fake.

    There are other telltale signs, too.
    1. The price is too good to be true. The starting bid was $9.99. Nobody in the right mind will put a $6000-$8000 bag up for sale for that little. Even when the bid goes up to around $1,500 now, the price is still too good to be true.
    2. The auction is private, and all bidders' names are hidden. A bad, bad sign! This means that there can be shill bidding going on, forged by the seller.
    3. If you look at the seller's feedback history, you'll notice that the person has not sold much in the past. More importantly, all previous sales were private, so a lot of information could have been forged. For high end items like Hermes products, you stick with the sellers from the recommended sellers list in the Hermes subforum.
    I know there are many legitimate Hermes look alike products for sale, and this bag could be from one of those sites. The look-alike costs only a couple of hundred dollars.

    By the way, are you really, really shopping for an authentic Kelly? I know there are fake bag sellers who lurk around in this forum wanting to know how to tell fake Kellys apart, so they can perfect their replicas? If the former, welcome, and please visit the Hermes subforum for further help. If the latter, sorry to disappoint you, because nobody here will tell you.
  3. Thank you all for your help.

    Christiflora, yes I'm for real and I'm trying to find something special for my wife. I've only bought one Hermes bag in the past and that was at their main store in Paris, a red Ostrich Birkin, so I can't really tell from a picture if that is real Kelly or not.

    Thanks again!
  4. What a shame that this fake is already bid to over $1K. I still have a hard time dealing with the fact that people get this kind of money for counterfeit merchandise. Thank goodness for the Purse Forum!

  5. Well, let's hope that it's a case of shill bidding and the counterfeiters will just have to pay themselves for it. I hope no one gets "taken"!
  6. Wow! A red Ostrich Birkin!:heart::love::love:. I have a soft spot for loving husbands who want to shower their wives with surprices:love:. Likewise, the Hermes SA's will feel the same way, and I am sure that they will help you with recommendations and even locate you a Kelly bag. It seems that men have better luck getting birkins and kellys from the store than women. Therefore, my recommendation is for you to try a Hermes boutique first.

    If you go nowhere with the Hermes shop, then try the reseller route. Although you can be sure to get a bag right away, be prepared to pay a hefty premium for a brand new birkin or kelly.

    You may also seek help from the Hermes forum by starting a thread there.
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