Please help with this Gucci bag! New to this forum!

  1. Hi!

    Can you help me with as much info about this bag as possible? I saw this at the Gucci store about 2 years ago. They had only one left at the time in a tan color.

    What colors does it come in? Is it still for sale at Gucci or has it been discontinued? What is retail? Any info would be appreciated!

    Also, do you know if it came in green?

    THANK YOU!!!!!:smile: Here's a listing of the bag on ebay:

    eBay: black x-large GUCCI HORSEBIT LEATHER HANDBAG !!! (item 330019142819 end time Aug-26-06 20:45:04 PDT)


  2. Hi there,

    I do recall it coming in green....I actually have the black one pictured above and the small clutch version in kelly green. The original retail on this bag was just a touch under $2000. They are now selling it at the Gucci outlets (there is a Gucci outlet in the Woodbury Commons outlet village in NY). You might want to try calling around to see if they still have it.
  3. chiclawyer- could you please post a picture of the bag for me??? I want the green so bad!