Please help with this color! Not coming to U.S. Chloe Boutiques

  1. Girls I am just dying to know more about this color. A friend called both U.S. Chloe boutiques and they are not going to be getting it. Have any of you overseas girls seen it?? I can't seem to find it on any website, or get any details. I think I could love it!!! Here is certain month the A/W 06/07 bags are released? I speak nothing but English, so am very nervous to attempt a call to a French or Italian Chloe Boutique. Do any of the British stores sell this color??? Thanks!!!

    Argh, the picture is gone...I will post this and then come back with the picture.
  2. It is the bag on the right!

  3. It might be LVR is having them now on baby paddy w/shoulder strap (didn't see a regular satchel style though) - they have pictured only the black on black one but they mention other colour option bleu nuit - could lvr be calling those blueish ones w/ black lock that...? If they have them there, it might mean they're now on shops on europe...? ::: shopping on line
    Good luck in your hunt! It looks gorgeous colour, wish I could see it irl:flowers:
  4. OMG! Blue Nuit is back?!?! Outstanding recon work Sonja!!

    That baby satchel is adorable for sure!
    And the color on the Chloe web site is truly stunning.
  5. ^ That colour seems corgeous, I'm so agreeing..!! :biggrin:
  6. Wow I LOVE IT!!! I will have to check this one out even though I should be on a purse ban...

    I would love to know if they are making this color with a different kind of hardware!!
  7. It's gorgeous! Wow, did you guys check out that Silverado on the next page? OMG TDF!!!!! :drool:
  8. Are you looking for the blue paddy ?
    I've seen it sunday in a boutique near where i live ( Italy, but i don't remember if it was blue with blue padlock or blue with silver padlock)
    They don't ship overseas but i can help in buying it if you want.
  9. I saw this exact bag in Harvey Nichols, as well as either Harrods or Selfridges last week in London. I didn't see what the name is, but this colour is different from the 05 Bleu Nuit. It is also slightly shiny, like satin. I didn't like it, although I am dying for a navy blue Paddy. You might want to call the above shops (try Harvey Nicks first); they all export overseas.
  10. ^ Roxane is it a metallic kind of shiny or different than that?
  11. ^^^ Audrey, it is not metallic shiny; it is not as shiny and looks like satin, with a slight sheen. The satin finish means that the leather on the bags are quite smooth. It is actually quite a pleasant blue with slight warm undertones but overall, it looks muted – as though a sheer blue satin sheet had been laid over a black base. It just isn't the strong deep warm navy blue I have been looking for, and I really didn't care for the blue on black lock.
  12. ^ Thank you so much for the info Roxane!!! :love:
  13. you think this one sounds good? I do!!! It sounds like the right bag that is being spotted at Harrods and Harvey Nichols. it a teal blue, or is it like a blueberry? I wish I could show you a box of crayons and have you show me which it was.;) Does Harvey Nichols have a website so I could find a location?? would be a blue bag with a black matte finish lock.

    The Chloe boutique said that their clients who had purchased it overseas were thrilled with it and thought it was gorgeous.

    So is the leather pebbly like a Chloe, or is it a flat leather like a betty? I am confused about this. I am getting the impression it has a shine like the mastic has?? Kind of the shine of a pearl?? I am more curious about the shade. I wish I could think of some other blue things to compre it to, but I am drawing a blank!
  14. If any of you U.K girls snap a pic of this bag, PLEASE post it here!!! We'd be so grateful!!! Thanks.

    Audrey, we may have to start shopping in the U.K. !!
  15. Triplets05, the bags I saw were not pebbly, but smooth-ish, although still slightly distressed, not like totally smooth leather. I guess you could say it is like the shine of pearl, but satin would be the closest description I can think of, because it really captures the shine and texture. It is not like the Balenciaga blueberry, but more teal (although not the 05 Balenciaga Teal) – it has warm undertones.

    Like I posted earlier, if you laid a thin navyish teal blue satin sheet over a black background, that would be exactly what the colour and shine would look like. The regular Paddys have leather with colours like crayons; i.e. the colour looks solid, like it goes on throughout the whole thickness of the leather. This one has a bit more variation, depending on how it catches the light. Another description I can think of is Thai silk – it reflects lightly slightly differently depending on the angle you look at it.

    You can surely find an address for Harvey Nichols if you Google it.