Please help with this bag...

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  1. Much appreciated. I'd like help authenticating this bag. I bought it since it's cheap. I have bought a few before and they all come out real...but this one is a stinkler bag...can't find anything similar...and I need to stay away from Nordstrom or Neiman's to avoid more temptation! I quit my cushie job yesterday and need to stay on a budget -sigh-
  2.'s a Valentino according to the tags and the listing.
  3. This is not a Valentino Garavani bag. The label says "Valentino creations" which is a different label from the premier designer all together.
  4. Oh, so does that mean that it's a low end line? Kinda like Betseyville for Betsey Johnson? I am not familiar with these higher end bags.... Don't laugh.....but I have a ton of handbags but stick to an old Betsey Johnson I've had for years because the leather is so soft and it's HUGE but not huge looking. I get to stuff snacks, spiral for school...even my english literature book!

    I hope that makes sense.... :/
  5. Oh and do you think it's worth $20 I paid for it?
  6. It's not affiliated with the premier brand Valentino at all. It's like the difference between Prada and Nine West, they have nothing to do with one another. If you like it, then it's worth the $20.