Please help with the style # of blk patent reissue!

  1. I just put myself on the waitlist for the blk patent reissue 226, SA quoted me the same style # which shiny-hair's SA has confirmed with her: A30226 y04636.
    But then I saw the eBay listing jen2586 kindly shared. The style # is A30227 y04370

    Is it because the size difference or what?:confused1:

    BTW, how do you ladies feel the patent look on 226? I see many of you are crazy about 227, but I figure it will be too big for me. I am 5'3, 100lb:sweatdrop:
  2. I actually had a patent flap in medium (which is almost like 226 I heard) I thought it was too I ordered the 227 patent reissue...I'm 5'5 though...120lbs
    hope that helps
  3. Thanks for your input minami :flowers: Do you by chance remember the detail of your med patent reissue? I think I might confuse the metallic black with the black patent shiny-hair has talked about. I will double check.
  4. Haha,actually I am waitlisting the metallic black 226, which I love more ^^
  5. Hi, I dont have a reissue, its just a patent medium classic flap...sorry!

    I think the metallic black is not out yet? Anyway, your patent reissue is gold h/w rite?
  6. Yes, SA told me they will come in probably in Aug.
    So I do not have a patent reissue since I actually are waitlisting the metallic.
  7. Joyfishyu I think shiny-hair has got the black distressed reissue with the G/H not the patent that's why the code numbers are different!
    Btw the black metallic is already on the shelves in Europe and I must say I got very disappointed -the hardware are very muted which IMO don't match the shiny look of the bag!!!:tdown:
    I think both 226 and 227 will look nice on you! :smile::yes:
  8. Just to add that the 226 you mention in your post (Y04636)is the distressed black-not patent or metallic-with gold H like shiny-hair's and the 227 (Y04370)is the patent with gold H too. The new black metallic has got muted silver hardware!Sorry I am not sure of the code!Hope it helped!:smile:
  9. lol joyfihyu it seems that you are waitilisted for the new black metallic I doubled checked the codes shiny0hair and thegraceful1 have and they're reading Y04634 ...Y04636 must be the black met then lol!
    keep us posted when you get the bag and how you like it!:smile:
  10. haha~chanelspell, sorry for the confusion. My brain was filled with metallic black, black patend and black wih GH, I was looking at shiny-hair's code for metallic black but thinking patent:p

    After seeing posts for metallic black, I am still in love. I guess I have to see both of them IRL first before making the final choice. My black with GH is supposed to reach me tomorrow. The metallic I am waitlisting still has no sure delivery date. But I am still very exciting, since that will be my first reissue!

    I will definitely post pics and let you know my final choice!
  11. Hi joyfishyu I agree it's better to see the black met IRL first -I hope it won't be a hard choice hehe!Do let us know!:yes: