Please Help with the Quilted Ursula Line :)

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering which is the Quilted Ursula Large Bowler (1075) and the Bowler (975). Can someone show me a photo of the two? I think the one i have is the Large Bowler.

  2. There's quite a few threads here with pics... i bet if you scroll a couple pages you'll find it. You can also do a search of the forum using the upper right tab that says search forum. Search for "bowler"
  3. Hi Thithi

    I typed in Bowler and keep seeing the same bag.. which is titled Large Quilted Ursula Bowler, so which is the other bowler? Sorry, slight confused between the two. Any help is appreciated. thanks!
  4. maybe you can post a photo of your bowler here? ;)
  5. Can you measure your bag? The large bowler is around 14 inches long.
  6. [​IMG]
    these are some photos i've got from the forum, yahoo or eBay auction sites. (to fellow tpfer, thanks for your precious photo! love your bowlers.) i'll bet you can tell the size of your bowler now. personally, i prefer the size of bowlers, they look so darn cute!
  7. I have the large bowler which is 14 inches. I wish i knew before that there was a smaller sized one which is much more suited for my body.

    Thanks for the kind responses. I really do appreciate it as I am fairly new to MJ as i been collected LV and Chanel for some time. Though MJ would have some great leather handbags for everyday use.

    Now.. the question is.. hmm..sell the large bowler for a bowler? :smile:
  8. I havent seen a bowler around for quite sometimes. I dont think theres any available at MJ stores though once in a blue moon, one will pops out from eBay. Whats the colour of your large ursula bowler?
  9. I am going to have to search eBay then. Does anyone know what the dimensions are for the bowler? Thanks!