Please help with the Double V

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  1. IMG_9004.jpg

    I want to buy the Double V bag for my birthday/Christmas gift in December but I can’t decide between Red or Black.

    I have 3 Black Chanel and 2 Red Chanel bags:
    Black ML Flap
    Black Multicolor Flap (same size as the Jumbo)
    Black Trendy WOC
    Red ML Flap
    Red Trendy WOC

    I love them equally and I think it looks pretty in Red but it’s more versatile in Black.

    Please share your thoughts on this bag and what color you would pick.

    Thanks so much!!
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  2. IMO, black suits this particular bag with the monogram strip
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  3. Thanks
  4. I’d go with the black. The red is pretty, but i don’t care for the navy blue piping so that makes it a no for me.
  5. Do you what color of the piping on the Black? Is it white or cream color? Thanks
  6. More of a cream. Definitely not bright white.
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  7. black
  8. Black is hot. Blends well with the monogram.
  9. I have the black, love it! The red is beautiful, too, but the black is more versatile.
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  10. Black...looks the best with the monogram
  11. I like red bags. However, for this particular bag, the design is already busy, so I prefer black/ monogram. Makes the whole thing look more balanced.
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  12. another vote for black ...such an elegant design
  13. black!
  14. Even though I love flamboyant - the black does look better in this case.
  15. The Black looks better to my eye.