Please Help with the Color 10606 (White)?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am a Chanel newbie here. After reading all the threads about the price increase on Feb 1st, I went to NM got myself a classic flap in medium/large size yesterday. However, I am a little confused about the color. The bag style number is (06A A01112Y01588) and the color code is 10606 which says 'white' on the tag. It does not look 'white' to me at all though.

    Does anyone have the same bag that can help me with the name for this 'white'? I know for sure it is not snow white. :shame: Is it easy to maintain the color since it is pretty light? Unfortunately, my super friendly SA lady did not know too much about this color either.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Maybe it's what my SA calls dark white or bone color. I was looking forward to buy one of those but it is sold out in Europe!
  3. I think it's blanc fonce color.
  4. post a pic happymm~
  5. If it's any help happymm - my white caviar color code is 10601. and mine looks like this... LINK
  6. ITA. I just got the Blanc Fonce and while it say 'white' on the white tag, when I look at the side of the box, it says 'blanc fonce'. It a lighter beige color. Kind of like in between snow white and standard beige. What I like to call it the 'perfect neutral beige'! :p
  7. Thanks a lot, ladies. Here is my 'white' chanel. It does look more like lighter beige.

    First time trying to post a pix. Hope it works.
    Chanel White1.jpg

    Chanel White2.jpg
  8. Oh! should not be called white at all. It looks like light beige to me. It's so beautiful. I saw one with the gold hardware and looks a bit diffenrent. It seems as if the gold hardware adds some yellow hue to the bag. Is this medium size?
  9. i have seen this bag, its gorgeous, and there are a few "whites" with different code numbers....mine says White and its # 10601 and its a winter white,,,not a snow white, but not a beige. I think there are about 3 colors that Chanel calls white. :yes:
  10. looks more beige than white
  11. that's a pretty color, but yeah it's definitely not "white" like a snow white.
  12. That definitely does not look white to me. Why would they refer to it as 'white', I can't understand that? That would confuse people if they were to place an order over the phone and think they are receiving a white bag. It's more light beige than it is white, IMO.

    Here is a picture of my white caviar that I recently purchased. The style# is 07P A01112Y01588
    10601 Blanc (White)
  13. designer307, stop...stop...posing this pic. :smile: I almost went with the white classic flap because of this photo. Sorry d..7, I didn't ask your permission before saving this photo to my computer. I kept looking at it again and again before making my final decison to go with light beige yesterday. By the way, the color code of blanc fonce is definitely 10606, but on the white tag it calls white, just like bella1 mentioned above. I think I'm not only confused with Chanel price but also Chanel color codes and names.
  14. Bretiny, you're too funny:roflmfao:. You sure do have my permission to save the pic to your computer. Watch, I bet you'll get the white oneday (or sooner than that)! :smile:
    Congratulations on the light beige! I thought of getting that color too, but I have my LVs when I wear brown, khaki or beige colors that's why I decided against a beige Chanel.