Please Help!!! With Sizing For Very Prive!!

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  1. Hi girls!! im new hear but i discovered this place and think it awesome!!
    i wanted to see if you guys could help me out PLEASE!!
    i want to get a pair of very prive paillette but im having the same issue i sometimes do that the 39.5 is a lil snug in the front kinda hurts dont know if it will strech out or the 40 that slip out in the back even if i put a insole in??
    i had the same issue with another pair that i coudnt decide got the 40 and could never wear because i slipped out (not prive though).. i just got a pair of double platfrom slingbacks in cork therye a 40 and the strethchy on my right is snug!! i love louboutins but sometimes getting the right size can be a lil confusing for me!!
    PLEASE HELP ME!! SHOULD I GET THE 39.5 or the 40 and its a lil pricy ive never had a pair that $$ but I LOVE THEM!! and want them to be PERFECT(fit)!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  2. hi, welcome! I can't really help too much with sizing, because I am also pretty new here and trying to figure things out. But I love the VP paillette. Hope someone will be able to advise you soon!
  3. I wear a size 9 in regular US shoes and I am a perfect size 40 in the VP CLs. If you are smaller than a US size 9, then I would go with the 39.5, but if you usually wear a 9 then go with the 40.

    Hope this helps! GOOD LUCK. By the way, that is a beautiful shoe!
  4. im a 9 US 39 in prada and a few of my louboutins are a 40 but these slip out a little in the heal and i think there just going to stretch out the 39.5 is a lil snug in the front kinda hurt but the guy said it would stretch he said the 40 looked like it slipped out a lilttle??? im soooo confused !!Thank YOU!
  5. i am a 9 and usually a 40 in cls (sometimes a 40.5). i tried on the black kid vps and i was definately a 40. i would get the 40 and put an insert in at the heel.
  6. ohhhh im so confused im a 39 in prada am i a 9??? its just the 40 feels a lil loose in the back and im sooo confused!!