Please Help With Sa's Contacts & Metallic Reissues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I'm desperately looking for a dark silver reissue in 225 (226 if that's the only option) or a black metallic reissue in 225 or 226. I called various stores and no luckkk!!! :hysteric:

    Can anyone send me their extremely sweeet SA's contacts - those who are willing to locate the bag for me??

    I want this bag sooo bad and it seems like its sold out everywhere!!! I can't even get on the waiting list for the Canadian boutiques cuz they're overbooked =(
  2. I "think" my Saks has one in stock...Call Lisa or Sean at 813-371-5100 - ask for the Chanel boutique. Good luck.
  3. Cari @ the San Francisco boutique. 415 981 1550 Good luck. They are hard to get.
  4. Call Brendan Sheehan at Chanel on 57th in NYC. He is the best!:yes: 212-355-5050. I called him 2 wks ago looking for a dark silver 226. Today he called me back with a good news that he got one for me, and it is on way to me. I can't wait to get it. Looks like there is no waiting list for the dark silver at that store. Good luck!
  5. You can contact Haddy at the NM in Palo Alto 650-430-1233...good luck!
  6. try diana at the chanel in dallas (their list isn't very long at the moment) 214-520-1055 and she's real friendly & helpful over the phone.

    or lucas (chanelboy) at the Nordies in mall of america, 952-883-2121. he's a PFer and so so chirpy over the phone and he knows his inventory very well. :yes: definitely give him a ring.
  7. I didn't catch what colors they had, but an SA at Bergdorf told me today that they have some metallic reissues