please help with revolve promo code!

  1. does anyone know if they are honoring a coupon code from another retailer over 25%? i already used a 25% off coupon code, but i know over thanksgiving they were honoring karizma's 30 or 35% (i forgot which one) promo code. i know it's not that much, but every little bit helps, especially when you have a large order! i'd appreciate any responses. TIA! happy after-christmas shopping!;)
  2. I've heard that they are no longer matching Karizma's code as it doesn't meet the criteria necessary to be deemed a competitor (they have to carry 12 or 15 of the same brands, I believe). Right now there aren't too many codes floating around since it's the holidays and they're making automatic price reductions anyways. is currently offering 30% off with code toutie, you may want to see if they'll honor that. Keep an eye out also for codes at; they are usually 30% off and Revolve usually honors those. Don't know of any right now, though.