Please help with return and refund from seller

  1. I made an offer on a Valentino Maison bag, and it was accepted. The seller has over 400 feedbacks with 100% rating. I received the bag today, and it was the wrong bag. She sent a patent Histoire style bag. Not only that, but the bag is obviously fake! (The plastic smell is the biggest give-away!) Of course, I am no longer interested in receiving the bag I won from this seller.

    Here is the email I sent today:
    Dear seller,
    I received your shipment today. The bag you sent is not the item I paid for. It is not the Maison style, but a shiny black Histoire style. Additionally, it is painfully obvious that the bag you sent is NOT authentic. Therefore, I request an immediate refund of the selling price and double the shipping. Once received, I will ship the bag back to you and will not leave feedback, thus preserving your current feedback rating.

    Here is the reply:
    Hi sarah all items I sell are authentic and came directly from a design house in Italy. Please send it back to the address in the box and isill refund you.

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    What should I do? Is there anyway to ensure I get refunded without filing a paypal claim?

    BTW, the bag has a security tag, and I signed for it.

    TIA for all advice.
  2. Just take pictures of the bag, of you packing it up and of the box addressed to the seller. Save all the emails as well. I can understand why the seller wants the bag back prior to refunding you the money, so that is not an odd request. If you don't feel comfortable with it, call paypal and explain the story to them...get the name of the person you talk to so that at least there will be some sort of record that you had talked about this with a paypal person.
  3. l agree, but I would also get signature request on delivery also (not just delivery confirmation) - that is what i did when I just had someone send me the wrong item.
  4. If I were you, i would open a paypal dispute first, then have her reply to it saying she will refund the money. Then Paypal will be in the transaction as well to protect you. Make sure you get a tracking number and Paypal will refund you when that tracking number shows she received the purse back. Good luck!

  5. ITA. :yes:

    She has already proven herself to be dishonest in one way, by selling fakes as authentics, so if you don't file a dispute and get tracking and insurance it is quite possible that she is also dishonest enough to claim that she has not received the return/it is not the same bag she sent you and to not refund you.
  6. If there is a Paypal dispute be sure she does a second transaction for the return shipping - since she agreed to it... She will only be able to refund the original amount of the transaction on the dispute.