Please help with pink Birkin

  1. for the longest time I wanted my first birkin to be in blue jean togo/epsom. then black togo/clemence with GHW. now, i'm thinking seriously about pink. pink is my favorite color, and i think it would be a great pop of color against my mostly black wardrobe.

    i went to the boutique today to check out the various shades, and i like rose shocking chevre. cyclamen epsom looked more purplish IRL (pretty too). i did not see anything in fuschia chevre.

    does anyone know if hermes is currently making birkins in any shade of pink (besides rose dragee?)

    any votes as to which shade i should hold out for?

    thanks so much, ladies!
  2. kim_mac, I have seen Rose Shocking birkin 30 in chevre mysore, and I recently saw the same color/leather on a plume. So I think this color/leather combo is available at the moment. If you like pink, these are some you can consider:
    • Fuchsia - Chevre, Ostrich, Croc
    • Rose Shocking - Chevre Mysore
    • Rose Dragee - This is a very pale pink with lilac undertone, in Swift.
    I had a glimpse of the leather swatches for SS2008 recently and there is one that looks like Salmon pink...but I cannot recall the name of the color & leather..HTH :smile:
  3. thank you gigi leung. i am in love with rose shocking. also considering fuschia. don't know as i've never seen them IRL side by side (only on a few threads which compared the two colors). rose dragee is too pale (and the new salmon pink sounds similar).

    on the hunt for rose shocking or fuschia!!! so excited!
  4. Any time, kim_mac! Good luck! :smile:
  5. I was very happy when I saw the plume in the store and I asked the SA about the possibilities of making one in a 30cm birkin. Her answer is: "Rare." :sad:
  6. Is it "Rosey/Rosy"?
  7. :idea: I think it is! You have good memory, tricia! :tup:

    The penguin in your avatar is adorable!!
  8. ^^ :smile:
    I like your duckies too!
  9. :flowers: for Tricia
    :flowers: for gigi

    Yes, I think it's Rosey too. And if my failing memory does not disappoint, it's a new Swift colour.
  10. kim_mac, just to say that I have received your PM. Will PM you back right now!
  11. I only caught a glimpse of the leather swatches for SS2008. :sad:

    I think I saw a rouge too??
  12. I just got my Fuschia Ostrich Birkin in size 30 this year, it's stamped K, so they're definitely still being produced at the moment. Pink is also my favorite color :heart:... but like you, I didn't really like rose dragee cuz it's too pale. I love the baby rose, as seen in one of the threads, but I heard it's very rare, and I've never seen one in person... So finally I settled with fuschia, because especially on ostrich, the color comes out a little softer, so it's more gentler than when it's in chevre. Rose shocking is also very pretty!
    Here's a pic of my Fuschia 30 Ostrich...
    Fuschia Ostrich.jpg
  13. ^^ Gosh d*mn that is one GORGEOUS bag!!!
  14. Oh my! Whitebirkin, you have the nicest bags always!!