Please help with picking a summer vacation tote bag.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I need some help from the dooneynistas here. I am going for a week vacation soon and flying there. I am looking for a good deal on a tote bag on Ilovedooney. I would like to get leather tote bag. I am drawn to tan, orange and pink colors. I am a shorty 5" so have to keep the portions and weight of the bag.

    Which Dooney Tote bag do you use for travel or summer? I would love to hear what your pick would be from the current sales on ILD. Thanks for your help!


    What do you think about the Pebble Grain Charleston Tangerine? I recently purchased the drawstring Montecito bag however I think it would get scratched up tossing it around all week.

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  2. The Charleston is a nice bag and a good size...not too big. I had a Charleston in taupe a couple of years ago and I enjoyed the functionality.

    For travel I might consider one of the nice nylon totes since they are sturdy and very lightweight. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the response. Great options here all of them would work. I need to order asap I will check ebay for some gently used options also.
  4. Thanks for helping :smile:
  5. Look at all the measurements of the bags you are considering. Some of the totes have very narrow bottoms. I think for travel you want a wider bottom so you have more room in the handbag. I think a 6" bottom base would be ideal to keep the bag in a modest size. Anything smaller would limit what you could put into the bag. I wouldn't mind an 8" base for a tote for travel.

  6. Hello, Your correct about the size since I want to load it up for a carry on. I will also use a cross body. I am leaning towards a Nylon bag since this will be light and roomy. Thanks for your response.
  7. I did a search on the internet for D & B luggage and look what popped up. I would love this FUN set!! LOL

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  8. DP: that would be fun for travel. And easy to spot in an airport.
  9. I have the Charleston tote in this exact color and I absolutely love it. Like you, I like carrying a tote but also like to have a cross body bag. I'm a little OCD about my bags matching so I have the Davis Tassel Tote in nylon and the Nylon cross body both in Tmoro Brown

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  10. Nylon Crossbody Pouchette in Tmoro Brown.

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  11. I would use my Claremont Dover Tote... I think it's perfect for travel and very carefree.

    Great to throw over the shoulder and under the seat on the plane. It has a center divider that can be used to separate your snacks and book, etc.


  12. OMG, I came THIS CLOSE to buying a black/saddle Charleston in Macy's today. :cray: That bag just looked so gorgeous sitting on the display. Of course, there were no sales going on so I dragged myself away. :lol:
  13. Great picks thanks again everyone. I love them all.