Please help with my SO!

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  1. Hi everyone, I have been offered to special order a bag by my store but as it turns out rose lipstick is no longer offered this season. The only pinks available for us is 5P, rose confetti or rose the. My SM thinks RC may be the closest "pink" to RL... but it is such a light colour!

    We are thinking chèvre RC with anemone interior and either contrast stitching in cream or something that matches anemone. Oh and gold hardware. My SM is nudging me towards a kelly but I am not so sure whether it would look better in a kelly 28 or birkin 30. I am so bummed about not getting my rose lipstick I can't think straight!

    Please help! What do you think of rose confetti? Is it too light? I cannot do 5p as it is somehow looks very stark on me. My SM thinks rose confetti is slightly warmer than 5p, which I agree. Perhaps rouge casaque interior? But my SM thinks it is too strong a contrast... I can't quite make a trip to the store so I am bummed...

    Please help! Any feedback welcome!
  2. Okay, no anemone chèvre interior available... what else goes with rose confetti? Rose tyrien?
  3. Yes RT will be lovely. So would etoupe.
  4. I personally would do Gris T or Rose Tyrien or Etoupe.
  5. Do you have a list of the available lining colours, it would help in your decision.
  6. No I don't! This is the frustrating bit. I was told they need to check each colour in the system to know. For purples, there is only Iris and ultraviolet.
  7. Thanks glamourbag, I will ask about these two colours...
  8. Thanks for your input vivala, I will ask about them and see what they come back with...
  9. What do you guys think about rose the/tea for a kelly? With gold hardware of course. I remember seeing a swatch and it kind of looked like a faded orange or faded rosy. The word "rusty" keeps coming into the description when I ask the SM but I wonder if it actually has stronger pink undertones or brown...? The store lighting is not the best and the swatch is so so small it is hard to imagine...
  10. Wow I can imagine the frustration and you said you can't go personally to the store? That must be even more challenging. I wish I had the lining colours list for you but I haven't seen my SA yet.
  11. Yes, it is! I've gone ahead with rose confetti chèvre K28, brushed gold hardware, ultraviolet lining and off white contrast stitching... Just too hard to keep picking colors without a list and having to wait for them to come back and tell me if it is available... Now I'm just praying that it will not get rejected.
  12. Sounds fabulous!
  13. That sounds awesome!!!