Please help with my new scarf! (CW or fading?)

  1. Can someone please help with this Astrologie scarf? It's a lovely medium-greyish-blue; the yellow is rather pale & the white is... well, just a darker shade of white. Was there a CW like this, or is it a faded/washed navy - or possibly a fake? To me, everything looks kosher about it (:heart: it!), but I'm a total dummy/newbie...
    I was the only bidder - but here's the auction: - no H-word was mentioned anywhere in the listing (I always search for just 'foulard soie').
    Also, if it's real, any idea about its age? And what the 52 stamped on the tag might mean?
    Thank you in advance!!!:flowers:
    h1.jpg h2.jpg
  2. I am not familiar with the colorway but it looks good! Congrats on your good deal!
  3. It looks real to me too as far as I can see from the pictures. Not familiar with all the colourways with Astrologie. For future reference, authenticate your purchases on the authenticate this thread:flowers:
  4. Not an expert so I can't give you an authenticity opinion that's super-credible, but it does look good to me.

    I was hoping someone would have some insight onto those numbers on the care tag though--I have a few scarves with these as well. Are they possible dates of issue? :confused1:
  5. ^^ Yikes. :throwup:
  6. no correlation for the most part with dates. the numbers indicates where (which factory) the scarf was hemmed
  7. I KNEW you would know!! Thank you--it's been driving me kind of nuts. :p Nuts-er, I guess.