Please help with my new purchase :(

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  1. Hi ladies, I unboxed my Chanel bag today and I am not sure whether I should return it. As you see from pics, there are creases on the front, I’m not sure if the leather meant to be like that or not? It’s my first Chanel so I got no idea about the leather but the one that I tried on at the boutique got no creases at the front like this. Please help me decide....

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  2. This is a very expensive bag, and if it doesn't meet your expectations, you should return it. I would return a bag like that, because I enjoy clean, unwrinkled, puffy quilting. Some people will probably get on here and tell you that it'll wrinkle eventually anyway as you use it, but I would rather I make the wrinkles from my wear instead of accepting it with wrinkles initially.
  3. Agreed with the op. If you are not happy return it. Bought a bag last year with a mark on it, my girlfriend convinced me to keep it. I am still annoyed I didnt exchange!
  4. Thanks ladies, I will make a trip to the boutique hopefully they have another perfect bag for me...
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  5. this is cool! you may like the chanel business affinity - similar style but it's more rigid and structured, so it's much less prone to this kind of wrinkling/wear
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  6. Hi, thanks for your opinion. I tried the smallest size of BA at the boutique as well. I love the BA but the strap length is just too long for me(5 ft). The SA recommended me to this bag and I just fell in love with how cute it is plus the strap length is just right for me. I am going to the boutique to see if they have another one without crease otherwise I’m happy to keep it anyway :smile:
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  7. oh I understand, I have the same issue with the BA - i keep thinking about sending the chain to get shortened but i'm also worried about resale to some extent....
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  8. Did you end up exchanging the bag? I tried this one on today and found it really cute.
  9. I totally agree with you. It’s cute yet dressy! I have the same
  10. No, I ended up keeping her, I’m happy to have her anyway. I just thought she had her own character and it makes me feel less annoy Lol.
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  11. Hi, just interested to know if your one got some wrinkle too?
  12. I would return
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  13. Hi - mine looked fine from the store. So far even after having “tested” it in my room (it’s officially unused still!), it’s still looking ok. I am keeping my fingers crossed it is as hardy as it looks and I hope it would be
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  15. I read Leather surgeons can adjust strap length