Please help with my new Chanel chain strap - is it faulty?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I was looking at the strap of my new beige classic flap and I realised that it looked a bit messier than I was used to. When I compared it to my black classic from a few years back, that was confirmed.

    I have attached photos but if you look, the leather running through the strap on the black bag is folded so that you don't see edges and it is done very neatly. The way the leather ends are secured is also very neat and inconspicuous.

    The beige bag has a strap where the leather is just folded in 3 so you see the edge of the leather, the edges are not folded over and it just looks really messy especially as the edge where the leather is cut does not match the edge of the strap. Where the ends are secured also looks very messy.

    My question is: is this how classic flaps come these days? I've been buying other chanels over the last few years so I'm not sure whether this is how the chain strap should be. All I know is that my classic from 4 years ago has a much better quality strap. Please let me know if your bag is the same way because if mine is faulty, I need to return it before its too late.

    TIA Alenka
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  2. yes, the straps are like that now. and they are glued and no longer sewn together. the quality's been deteriorating!
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  3. I was afraid that might be the answer. Terrible! If I didn't love the color so much, I would return it over this.
  4. Just looked at a white caviar that is current rotation and its edges meet, like you would expect them to. Granted my purse is probably 4 or 5 years old.

    If your beige is new, I would take it back and ask that it be replace with one whose strap is not off kilter. Let's hope that there is another beige in stock. Barring that, you can ask that a new strap be made. Keep in mind it took half a year of angst to get Chanel to send the Mobile Art back to Paris for a new strap. I will say that your strap is in far better shape that the original strap on the M.A. purse.
  5. Jmen, the bag is brand new, I got it about 10 days ago but it was the last one in stock. If that is how they are made these days, I guess I just have to accept it.

    Are you saying that I can potentially get Chanel to make a new strap for me?
  6. ^^i seriously doubt...that's the way they make the straps would be weird if they special make one like the older version.
    just a thought...i have no experience at this matter.
  7. I noticed the same exact issue with my beige jumbo. It bothered me for about a NY minute, then I didn't care cuz the bag was so hard to get and I love it so much!

    Nothing is ever perfect I've learned...
  8. I think we need to establish if this is an oddity or the norm, so more research is necessary. If this is an oddity, then why not ask for a new strap. You paid for something you expect it to be right. Luck may be on your side as your color and purse is not an exclusive limited run of less than 100. Chances are there is a strap available without having to circumnavigate the globe.

    Keep in mind my strap was a mess: made in several pieces but that wasn't the big problem. There is a stitch on each side of the strap; one made by the needle and one by the bobbin. On one side of the strap there was a run of stitching that made holes that were larger than the rest that had splits going off to the side. I was afraid the splits would become problematic down the road and become full blown tears.

    Getting the new strap made wasn't easy. Long story short, someone very special spent a lot of time with corporate to get approval for the repair. In the meantime I had cut the bag loose from my heart strings and within a week I was informed that approval had came from corporate that the purse was deemed defective and it would be going to Paris for a new strap. This whole process took 9 months!!

    Keep us posted. . .

  9. my beige looks like your black. the edges are sewn together and the folds are neat.

    i just got it last wk from blms.
  10. Really? I don't know what to think now!!!

    I would just feel more comfortable and probably be more convincing having a moan at the SA if I knew whether my flap was normal or abnormal.

    Do you girls think I should take it to the shop regardless and see what they say?
  11. ^ Most, but not all, classic flaps have straps similar to your new beige caviar classic flap. Unfortunately, it is not an oddity so it probably would not be replaced in my humble opinion. There are many Chanel boutiques and counters where I live, so I have been inspecting the 'evolution' of the classic flap on many bags since 2007 or so.
    As long as the flaw is not too major, I feel that you have to come to terms with it if you really want a new Chanel bag nowadays (and not a vintage piece). Most, if not all, Chanel bags now are not as good quality as in years past. Chanel is one of many companies' cutting corners. I would keep and enjoy the bag. It will be difficult to find another one, especially with the impending price increase. Just my 2 cents. :smile:
  12. I'll go have a look at my 2010 flap for you :broom:
  13. I just had a look and my 2010 black cav looks like your black one hth
  14. Thanks for checking for me, I guess I will take the bag to selfridges and see what they say. If there is nothing else in stock, I'll keep it.

    My main concern with the strap is that because the edge is uneven and the leather is not folded over, it will suffer more wear and tear. So frustrating!
  15. Here's a thought, the inventory in the US is on computer at the boutiques. Perhaps the SA would do a search (like Hermes can do) and see if there is another one in Europe to be had. If so, ask that they inspect the purse for defects before sending it (and relinquishing the one you have). Maybe they will hold yours until the replacement comes in, barring there is one available, that way you can compare purses.