Please help with my "Lipstick" Bittersweet (PICS :)

  1. So some may know my ordeal pursuing this bag in Gunmetal (filled that need with Andrew Marc :heart:) and found this in the RED...a color I don't yet have- yay! Here are the pics I promised I would post!
    It is a gorgeous red, but really is closer to a "Poppy" color (the first pic is truest to IRL). My issue is that I am kind of a jewel tone girl, and though I love this color...I am not sure what to wear with it:confused1:
    Usually I'll wear neutrals with a color bag, or if my bag is neutral my clothes will have a I'm definitely not afraid of color- but this is the brightest bag I own.
    Guess I'm looking for advice/ suggestions from you fashionistas and anyone that owns a Poppy colored bag- though I got a deal on it, this is not an inexpensive bag (likely my last for a while) and I want to make sure it doesn't sit in my closet! TIA!!!
    IMG_1254.jpg IMG_1267.jpg IMG_1269.jpg celineRed.jpg
  2. Generally, the rule with matching colors is to stick in the same tonal family. With something like this, I would probably go with grey slacks or dark blue jeans and a seafoam blue top. If you think about the seafoam blue relating to blue as this bag does to red, you can apply that to other colors as well.

    Other than that, I think I would stick with khakis, and grey, nothing too harsh though like a lot of black.
  3. I think that color would be great with gray. They are showing bright colors with all shades of gray.

  4. Thank you! That does make sense to me about the same tonal family...and grays, not black so it's not to harsh. I'm really appreciating the responses:flowers:
  5. Fabulous looking bag and great suggestions on how to complement clothing to the color of the bag......funny, we think of the bag FIRST and then the clothes!
  6. ^ lol. I totally plan my outfits around which purse I want to carry! :p

    This is a beautiful bag, betnyp! I also think it would look smashing with jeans and a heather-grey top. :smile:
  7. It is so true...I always buy clothes based on the bags I love, not the other way around- guess I have my priorities straight :shame:
    Thanks guys- I was on the fence about the color being too bright, but appreciate the positive feedback!!!
  8. It's such a gorgeous bag! Love this color.