Please help with my first COACH purchase!

  1. Ugh, I have been researching like crazy and still can't decide what I want! I could really use some advice and opinions.

    I *think* I want something with the khaki signature and black leather trim, that way it'll match almost anything I'm wearing.

    I don't want anything too small or extremely large. (My current purse measures 12" x 12" and I think it's a fine size.) I have two kids, so I'd like to have room to at least throw in a diaper and small pack of wipes for when I'm out with the baby. At first I was set on a medium Carly, but there are sooo many other styles I like! I like the Ali, and I really like the Soho double pocket. I also like the Legacy Leigh and Satchel. I want to be able to throw the purse over my shoulder, because I ususally need my hands free when I'm wrangling the kids.

    A friend of mine is going to the Grove City Outlets on Saturday and I was hoping I could call there and put something on reserve so my friend could pick it up for me. I keep finding sooo many fakes on eBay and I'm nervous to make my first purchase from there, though I would really like to be able to get a great deal.

    Please, please, please help me decide on what my first COACH should be! I've been doing so much research that every night I'm dreaming of COACH (and, of course, wake up drooling)!
  2. Hmmm....have you thought about this?

    I have it in khaki/black and LOVE LOVE it! I also have 2 little ones and this one holds all my stuff plus a diaper and a pack of wipes AND fits over the shoulder! LOVE IT!!!!! So much so that I have a whiskey leather one AND just today bought a black leather one! :smile: Good luck! :smile:
  3. Thank you so much! Since there aren't any stores that sell Coaches near me, I really needed some advice. It's hard for me to tell just by looking at the Coach website which bag is the right one for me.
  4. Is there any way you can go to the outlets with your friend? I have found that browsing around in person and trying things on is the by far the best way to go for me. Things can look cute online and then feel uncomfortable or look odd on my body in person, and sometimes something I never thoghut I would go for really jumps out at me IRL.

    In that same size range maybe the Bleecker large flap in Khaki/black? I really like my leather one - good sized but not too big, and it has a nice length drop for a shoulder bag.

    Good luck on your hunt and welcome to tPF!
  5. I just saw some new Coach Heritage Stripe totes they have - they are a coated signature canvas with leather trim - they come in different sizes and I love the long handles and all the pockets. They have 4 different sizes of these and I know the larger ones also come with a removable shoulder strap. I'm getting the huge multi-function one for a biz travel bag. It's cute, sturdy, lots of pockets and my laptop will fit.
  6. Thanks for the help, girls! I really wish I could go to the outlet with my friend, but unfortunately I got stuck hosting a Demarle party tomorrow. *sigh* I really would feel more comfortable trying them on.
  7. I really like my Carly. It's the regular size, not the large and it fits a lot. I've got my wallet, cell, palm, hand lotion, small makeup bag with room to spare. When I go out, I throw in a diaper, small package of wipes, a snack, and a juice box and I'm still not over-flowing.