Please help with my Ellipse PM ;(

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  1. Hello everyone :smile:

    I found this LV at a second-hand store and I couldn't pass up on this because it was only $150... the only thing is that there are ink stains inside the bag..
    I thought of probably buying it first and bring it to the cleaners..
    But the cleaners ended up not able to get rid of those stains either :sad:


    Any advices with what to do with the stains? Please help :sad:
  2. I don't think the stains could be removed anymore. The best thing I think is to have LV reline your bag. Good luck!
  3. Those look pretty serious. I agree with disco that you'll probably need to get the bag relined.
  4. I agree - even with that fee it still will probably be a good deal!
  5. I agree, go to LV and ask for a quote for relining and handle replacement.
  6. Nice deal!
  7. That's a really good deal! If the stains bother you that much I'd get a replacement lining- like what was suggested above. However if it were me, I probably wouldn't because when you carry it you are going to cover it up with your stuff.
  8. I think it would be well worth getting LV to put a new lining inside.
    You got a super good deal on that Ellipse.
    If you don't mind me old is she?
    Date code is under the d-ring.
  9. thanks everyone! To one point I was sort of regretting it since I wanted to resell this.. but seems like with this condition, no one would've wanted it..
    But I just found out this bag is discontinued!! so im def. keeping this!! hahah

    Wow the date code is SD0091...
    Does this mean 2009 Jan?
  10. ^No it means that your Ellipse was made on the 9th week of 2001 :smile:
  11. lol wow i guess it is pretty old then..
    i brought it in today to get the zipper pulls replaced, and I got a quote on how much it'd cost for the relining.
    It is about $150 =(
  12. ^150 is not a bad price at all and 300 total for your Ellipse PM is still a good deal! I've seen PM Ellipses that sell for more than USD500.

    But I think if you are hesitant in shelling out another 150 to reline the bag, just maybe cover it with your things...or maybe put a small purse organizer so you won't see the stains when you open your bag lol.
  13. That's so good you got it for a mere $150! Mine's from 2002 and I paid a lot more for it. Had it on my wishlist for a while and got it off eBay finally as the 2nd hand dealers here in Melbourne tend to sell LV bags for more than what I can find them for on eBay.

    Back to yours... I'd keep it how it is as you're not going to see it much with the design of the bag - I never see the bottom of mine which WAS pristine except for a couple pen marks now courtesy of me. If it really bothers you, then like other posters have said, get it re-lined. $150's not bad at all even if you also had to get the zippers too. I had to spend $150 to get a 26' zipper fixed (which DH broke it... he of course paid) on a Papillon I got for $400... it was $860 new but they'd discontinued them so I wasn't too impressed. In your case, $300+zippers all up is not bad at all for a bag that's AUD $1410 brand new.

    Are you going to fix up the handles too? I personally love the oxidised handles. My friends who have brand new LVs now can't wait for theirs to go darker as it adds to the bag and makes it look more authentic.
  14. You can put some type of base on the bottom. I had a vintage Speedy with a huge blue ink stain. (It also smelled musty). I bought these scented cardboard drawer liners --from T.J. Maxx - and cut it to fit inside. No one ever saw the inside but me anyway and the liner smelled nice and protected all my stuff from the stain.
  15. Get it relined. It will be perfect once you're done! For only $150+repairs, it will be a lot less than buying new!