Please help with my dilemma: matte black reissue or black lambskin medium flap?

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  1. Dear everyone,
    I currently own two jumbos and a 227, and I am thinking a smaller bag in black. I really want something black+gold HW+burgundy lining, so I am choosing b/w matte black reissue with vintage gold HW in size 225 and black lambskin medium/large flap also with gold HW. I love the color of gold HW of the reissue, it's not that gold as the gold HW on classic flap. However, I prefer the chain on classic flap to the chain on reissue because I think chain with interwoven leather is more comfortable, so they are my dilemma. I need your opinions about which one I should go for and why. Any piece of advice is really appreciated!:heart:
  2. Both are excellent choices. Those bags are the staples of Chanel. Every girl should have it in her closet. Why not get the hybrid? It has the mademoiselle lock & the interwoven chain strap. Plus, the color of the gold on the recent bags is more subtle.
  3. ^^I agree!
  4. I would go for the medium/large flap
  5. Is your 227 also a classic flap? not the reissue one? If so, why not getting a reissue for something different? :woot:
  6. Luvily*bunny: 227 is a size for reissue :smile:

    This is a tough decision, both are nice >_<

    i actually feel you should go witth 225 black reissue with ghw.
  7. Definitely a hybrid for you.
  8. i had the same dilemma and decided the black reissue is more of a showstopper!
  9. I find hybrids very unattractive and dislike the leather. I'd go with the reissue because it's a slightly more modern look and its always possible to find a classic flap if you later feel like you have the funds or desire to acquire one for variety's sake.
  10. A tough decision, but I also would go for hybrid, I think it'll suit your collection best
  11. Hmm, well the only hybrid flap I own is an off white one... I don't care for any other ones haha and I wouldn't suggest you buy it just for the sake of adding diversity to your collection if you aren't a fan of the design/washed caviar. :smile:

    I don't think you can go wrong with either a reissue or classic flap. :love: Since I can't do straight lambskin (I go for caviar), I'd go for the reissue (the distressed matte leather is so gorgeous). :smile: Hmm, but if you think you'd use the medium flap more (comfort factor), then get that. Haha, I'm no real help. :P What color Jumbo flaps/reissue do you already have? :smile:
  12. Matte black reissue.
  13. Black matte reissue.
  14. Thanks for everyone's reply!

    venusfly, I also feel that I am not that into hybrid, so I guess I will pass it.

    fieryfashionist , my jumbos and reissue are black caviar, red caviar, and navy metallic, all with silver HW.

    Looks like reissue is gonna win.

    More opinions?