Please help with my decision..

mere girl

Aug 12, 2008
I received a Black GSH City bag from last Friday - a huge present to myself and a keep forever bag. I was so disappointed to get a 2009 S/S season bag! I had thought that I would receive a 2010 S/S and my initial reaction was to completely dismiss the bag as it was over a year old!

I have since been getting the bag out of the box every half hour to have a look! It is an awful lot smoother than I thought I would have liked but it is wonderfully thick and soft and already a bit slouchy! I have examined it in every light and against everything black I own and it is really quite black!

I have read every thread I can find on black Bals and 2009 S/S does seem a good season for black black bags? (or is 2010 a blacker black!?) Has anyone had any issues with the 2009 S/S...there seem to be a few 'green' F/W issues?

But it is a year old - and I paid the new 2010 price!!! Should Bal even have sent me a 2009 S/S bag? I do know that someone who purchased the same bag last month received a F/W....I just feel a little cheated tho i am a new purchaser and they have got rid of their old stock on me..
I have attached pics...what do you think - should I return it and source a newer bag? If it had a 2010 tag I would happily have kept it with no issues...would I be cutting off my nose to spite my face if I returned it!!??


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Jan 2, 2008
i would go by how the leather is, not the year. there will be good and bad in every year, (well maybe not bad, but different). do you like the smooth or would u rather have more distressed? i have an 09 black pt that is still as black as can be, but it is pretty smooth although the more i use it, the more the wrinkles come out. i would not worry so much about the season, they always do that with black, they roll them over and up the price. you just have to decide if you like that particular leather.


Chanel & Bal!
Sep 13, 2009
Black is a roll over color so to them black is black whether it it 09 or 10, and they still sell them. All bal bags went up in price, even old stock. Aloha Rag has old season bags from 09 and they are all at the new price. So don't worry you were not cheated.

I have a 09 black rh city and she is very black and has amazing leather. wouldn't trade her for any other season (well maybe a PHW black :P)

mere girl

Aug 12, 2008
hmmm...yes I know you are both right! I do actually love the leather - and i would hope to still be using the bag in 5 years time and the smooth leather makes it very classic IMO. my 'smooth' anthra is becoming more delicious day by day and I can tell that this black one is going to break in wonderfully.
I am going to go upstairs and remove that tag!
It is fate I feel - Bal haven't got back to me with a refund authorisation number today and my credit card has been blocked as it apparently one of a batch targeted for misuse - so I couldn't order a different one from Bal London anyway!! Thanks for your input!


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Jun 4, 2006
personally i think it's beautiful! i don't care about the year, i go by how the leather is




Oct 9, 2006
Good for you! I thought you should keep it since you are not guaranteed to get another you would like better :smile: And, if it makes you feel better, last year I ordered a 2006 Truffle from BalNY (believe it or not, they still had a 2006) and paid the same price as for a new one. I returned it because I didn't like the leather, but Balenciaga never discounts their bags.

Because every Bal bag is different, it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can always find a better one than the one you have. I have done it, and, I am sure others have, too. Unfortunately, this will never make us happy with the bag we have, you know?
You have a beautiful bag, so relax and enjoy your new beauty!


Jul 6, 2008
She is gorgeous!! I'm glad you've decided to keep her. She looks jet black to me :biggrin:
When I received My Noix GSH City the leather on her was smooth but thick and not as distressed as I would love to. But I decided to keep her and she has broken in wonderfully.