Please help with my Balenciaga's ink leather


Nov 26, 2005

I have just got the bag (First) in ink. I really love the colour, but am not sure of the leather. I am new to the B-Bag and thus can't compare it with the old leather that you all are talking about. And I read that the leather in ink is not that great. I am not used to the distressed leather effect as none of my bags are like that and am not sure if it is meant to look like this. So I would really appreciate if you can give me your opinion on whether the leather looks good to you (crackling? white veins???) :worried:

Also, it looks as if the leather is so thin and distressed that it would tear anytime. Has anyone's B-bag tear yet, or going to? :sad:


NB. You may have seen this post before as I have posted it in the fashion spot forum yesterday. Really need more help. :shame:


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wow...that is rediculously gorgeous. i think i'm in love.

my leather is very thin as well, but it shows no signs of tearing, and i've never heard of anyone's tearing.
Muppy, I have a cornflower city bag with the "new" leather. There is a thread where Fayden posted a pic of her B-bag with the "old" leather and I posted a pic of mine with the "new" leather so everyone could compare the two. I have not had any problems with my bag as far as tearing, etc., but I've only had it about a month. Mine too seems very "thin" but I don't mind that because the bag is nice and light. I have a Marc Jacobs bag that weighs a ton empty. If you really do not like the distressed look you should return it. It is an expensive bag and you should really LOVE it. I'll try to locate the thread that has Fayden's bag posted.
Thanks Kat. I think I have seen the pict of Fayden's bag. It's a metallic one isn;t it? It's beautiful. I do love my bag, but i have read in the fashion spot's forum on how many people are complaining about the leather and returning the bags to the shops. I just want to know if I am getting quality for the money i paid since the leather varies from bag to bag. I love it as it's so light compared to the paddy,which I was eyeing for a long time.
Muppy - my origan twiggy has thin leather as well; but, it does not worry me because I have leather jackets with very thin leather and I have abused those puppies for years with no tears.

Like Kat said; do you love it?

I love my twiggy - I don't care about the leather thickness; I got the bag because I love the style not because I had an expectation on the leather depth.
Bottom line is if you are not happy then return it - but, I can tell you that the veins/distressing seem to be part of this pre-SS collection, and I think that most bags will have this marbling. Hey, if you were in a steak house that level of marbling would be worth its weight in gold. :P

I think the bag is gorgeous; but, you are the one who must carry it - just remember this, some people think that Bal will "bring back the old leather"; I read that this will not happen. Ask yourself, did you buy the bag for the style? If so, do you love the style?

Good luck -
Hey Muppy- I have the ink as well and it is thin but I really love the color, it's like marbled stone or something. I think that it's a lot tougher than it looks otherwise there wouldn't be so many addicts still around buying the bags. Good luck with it.
Muppy, your bag looks well distressed and doesn't have that veiny cracking looks to it. Personally, I love your bag and I heard the more you use it, the softer and better it gets. So enjoy and congrats!
i love my ink b-bag too. the leather is incredibly soft and it feels like butter and smells heavenly. i have never been too worried about it ripping though. just be careful. and like every one has said.. there are some differences.... all cows are different... no two handbags could ever be exactly the same. similar... not identical.... that's what makes them b-bags.