Please help with info on this bag

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  1. I saw this bag and craigslist and I fell in love, can anyone tell me about it, name, number, retail price etc.

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  2. I seen them a few years back..I believe that it is one of the Soho Studded Hobo's..That would be the large of course..Sorry not much help..Google (soho studded hobo)
  3. The look is definitely a Soho hobo. I remember solid leather studded ones from a few years back (with regret, I hate to say--most never made it to the outlets) but I do not remember one with this kind of pattern at the ends. I would email the seller and ask for photos--including the inside creed and number.
  4. you probably should post this on ID this Coach thread.
  5. Thats where I seen them..At the Freeport Me. outlet...They had qutie a few, but they didn't sell very well.
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