Please Help with hard-to-find furla bag

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  1. Hi, a Furla bag was recently stolen out of a friend's car (never leave pretties on the backseat!) and I've been looking everywhere to find a replacement. It was a small 2009 Furla bowler-style handbag. black leather with yellow trim. The design appears identical to the Loto, but the leather is not patent. The bag was purchased in italy in 2009 and I think was part of the Giovanna Furlanetto Collection. I think the type of bag was called "Mosca" (all the bags got named after different cities), but haven't been able to find evidence of it anywhere. So I'm wondering if I have the name wrong somehow. . . anyways, if this rings a bell at all, I'd be very appreciative of hints, clues, retail links, etc. anything to help solve this mystery!

  2. i know that bloomingdales carries furla...maybe check their website? good luck!
  3. I know this is an extremely old post, but I believe I just purchased the same style of bag. I was researching online to find information on it and came upon this post. The bag I purchased is from the Giovanna collection from Furla. It is black (tag says onyx) with yellowish (saddle?) trim. It is a large domed satchel with a zipper. It has rolled handles. I can't find any info online. It does look very much like the loto. It has a tag that states a retail of $945. Can anyone help with identifying which model this is? Thanks!