Please help with hair color...desprate

  1. Please help my colorist moved and i'm trying to find another one. She always used loreal platinium (sp?) color and I'm having trouble finding a salon that uses this color. please give me your opinions of WELLA COLOR and/or REDKEN COLOR (i.e. doses it fade quickley, is it drying etc.....) please help I have bad color before and I don't want to go thru it again! TIA
  2. For years my colorist used Wella on my hair, it was nice.

    But, then she switched to L'Oreal, and it is amazing! So I guess I am no help, except to say Wella was good, too, just not as good as L'Oreal
  3. I used to go to a salon that uses Wella, but I found the color to fade after about 2 months (color either washed off, or changed color from what it originally was--got brassy). Note however, the color I had was red; and red coloring in general does not last on most hair types.

    I have never used Loreal, so I cannot comment on comparisons between that and Wella. I have heard good things about Redken, and it is a reputable hair product brand, so I would not expect it to deliver bad results.
  4. Is it possible that you can buy this color from a beauty supply store and take it to you to the new salon when you get your hair colored? My hairdresser uses Redken color on my hair and it is beautiful. I like the colors so maybe you should try a new one. As long as you are not going very dark I doubt if any color will mess up light hair.
    Good luck.
  5. I used to dye my hair red and coincidentally, used both Wella and Redken. I found Wella to last longer (at least as long as red dye can, it's the one that fades the fastest), but it also dried up my hair a lot. Redken was fantastic, no stench, no damage, nice colours.. but it washed off very quickly. Keep in mind Wella has a strong chemical smell.

    If you'd been using L'Oreal, I'd recommend to go with Redken. They're both gentle, only I think Redken is a bit better.