Please Help With Goyard Authenticity Question

  1. Does anyone know whether it is true that the snap on the wallet attached to the St. Louis PM bags always matches the color of the bag? I have seen a yellow bag that I am fairly sure is authentic, but it has a silver snap (the photo was posted here in the thread "calling all goyard fans") and I have been told that Goyard claims that the snaps are never silver -- always the same color of the bag. Could this be incorrect? Does anyone know if there are authentic PM bags with silver snaps? I'd really appreciate help with this if anyone knows the answer.
  2. I have also heard that the snap should never be silver and should always match the color of the bag. Sorry I don't have a for sure answer but that is what I have been told.
  3. this is the bag that was posted by another member here in the "Calling all Goyard fans..." thread, who said it was purchased at Bergdorfs. I can't imagine Goyard being willing to personalize a bag that was not authentic, and I am sure that the member bought it exactly where and how she says she did. Having said that, I have heard the thing about the snap matching the bag from a number of knowledgeable sources, one of whom supposedly called Goyard and asked them directly. So it's really a mystery! Does anyone have a contact at Goyard, or one of the department stores that sell Goyard bags whom they could ask for verification?