Please help with Exotic SO

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  1. I have recently blessed by my SA with an exotic SO:yahoo:, but I'm having difficulty deciding between an ostrich blue iris/blue de malt combination or bleu sapphir lisse gator. (lisse croc not on SO options) I've seen blue iris in ostrich and blue sapphir in croc and they both sing to me. I plan on obtaining both at some time but I'm not sure which I should go for first. (i.e. which will be harder to get in future)

    Any help from the lovely tPF community would be greatly appreciated.
  2. What a wonderful dilemma to have! Birdies are lovely but my vote is for croc. :smile:
  3. Blue iris birdie is amazing! My vote is for ostrich over gator in a heartbeat! You can't go wrong with either though!
  4. I'd me more inclined to go for the much as I love birdie,I'm also a croc lover
    especially croc from H
  5. Thank you everyone for your input. i love croc too but I've had such a hard time getting ostrich, I feel like I should go for the birdie... I just don't know how often bleu sapphir gator/croc is available.
  6. I love blue in ostrich. Don't know why, it sings to me. So I'd go with that first.

    I love croc in other colors. Haven't decided which is my fav croc color, so I'd wait on this one a little more.
  7. Blue is so amazing in ostrich. DH and I saw someone carrying it once and we both fell in love.
  8. Birdie is lovely but BS in croc is heart stopping! Go for it and post pictures!!
  9. honey ostrich h turns heads

    that is all i am going to say =)
    i trust either option you choose will compliment you and your style well
  10. I know!!! This is what makes choosing so difficult. :smile: There were a lot of beautiful color choices this time around. I have a few croc pieces and only one ostrich piece so I feel I should go for ostrich since it seems harder to come by and I've been waiting for a few year for a blue iris ostrich so I feel a SO will guarantee me one, but bleu sapphir in croc is breathtaking too. They are both at the top of my wish list. I just can't seem to rank one over the other.
  11. Birdie, hands down!!
  12. BS croc all the way! Birdie is pretty, but I don't like the way how ostrich skin ages.
  13. From my understanding, ostrich is slowly trickling back into the market, so availability might be less of a problem compared to recent year shortages. Having said that I am okay with gator on small items but for bigger items I prefer the scales of croc. So I'd choose ostrich. Plus handles on dark blue ostrich will fare much better than a light color. Good luck deciding on this wonderful dilemma!
  14. I, too, like the way gator and croc age better than ostrich. So, gator would definitely be my choice!
  15. Hermes BB and Luvquality,

    The way ostrich ages is a very good point to take into account. I have a ostrich bleu row kelly wallet that has developed a patina over time and sometimes I'm not so crazy about it. I baby all my croc bags so I'm not sure how well they would age compared to something handled as much as my wallet has.

    My Gris T ostrich firkin has aged well but it certainly does not look the same when new and that was 3 years ago.