PLEASE help with details of this beautiful bag...

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  1. Hello my Chanel loving friends! :p
    I'm sorry in advance! I hate to be that dumb girl that doesn't know much about this, but I guess I am. :shame: I'm rather new here (in Chanel) I've just admired from a distance until now. I've fallen in love! :heart: I've spent all morning in the Chanel Reference library and I still can't find the details of this bag. Please help! A name, a year, a price, from a few years ago, available now, anything .... I would be truly greatful with any details. :s
  2. Oh, this is probably obvious but it's pony hair (really calf's hair) and lambskin.
  3. looks like its from the prefall paris new york collection...I have the flap version and its stunning..good luck finding it.
  4. i think it's from the paris new york ligne. looks very much like it.