Please help with decision

  1. After returning the Bleecker leather hobo, I've been browsing and rereading this forum like crazy and carefully observing people's purses when I'm out (talk about being obsessed!). I've toyed with the idea of getting a medium choco signature Carly but then I really love leather more so I finally narrowed my choices to two vintage leather styles, both Ergo. Which do you think would look better on a mid-forty's SAHM (4'11")?

    This is a big investment for me it'll be probably the last bag for this year i buy so I have to be sure:yes:
  2. I like the tote, personally.
  3. Both are very pretty bags. I would think the 1st would work for you better because of your size. But you cannot go wrong with either of these 2.
  4. I'm voting the tote, too - much more versatile and it looks like it'll hold more stuff when you're running around.
  5. Ergo tote, I have one from the spring line and its an amazing bag.
  6. Another vote for the tote! :yes:
  7. I like them both, but if I were you I would decide based on how much you want to carry in your bag.
  8. I love the tote!
  9. I like the tote too. Better looking bag, imo.
  10. I am leaning towards the tote but I'm a bit nervous about the size. Does anyone know if there are any modeling pics of the flap? I saw one of the tote and just need to compare. The website says the tote is 19" high, that seems kinda tall. Makes me wonder if they included the handle in the measurement.
  11. I say the tote...I tried on both and I'm 5/9" tall. The 1st one looks too wide! I like the north/south look on the tote.
  12. Tote!
  13. Definitely another vote for the TOTE! All the way! I'm not that tall either, and I wear what I like, regardless of size. Never really under stood the big deal. Depending on your preference, you might get more use out of the tote. The other one looks tiny--more like a bag you would wear on a night out or something.