Please help with decision making

  1. all right, ya'll, I need your help.... I'm hopefully going to be buying my first reissue soon and I'm trying to decide between the dark silver or the metallic green - I'm going to be getting it in the "large" size - not sure what number that is?? (I'm fairly new to Chanel) I love both colors which makes the decision very difficult. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! :smile:
  2. Between the two colors I vote for green metallic.
  3. I agree with Mon. Metallic green:yes:
  4. If u are gettin the large (which is size 227), then i will go for the metallic green.
  5. I don't think you can go wrong with either. The metallic green is really gorgeous but the dark silver might be a little more versatile. Keep us updated!!
  6. thanks, guys, my 14 year old daughter voted for the green too:smile: I guess she's hoping to get my collection one
  7. that's my thoughts exactly!!! the dark silver would go with more - but oh- that green.
  8. I vote for metallic green as it's much more unique!! Let us know what you decide. Maybe try them both and see which one pulls your heart more.
  9. If you haven't seen them IRL, then perhaps get waitlisted for each and then decide upon the seeing. The dark silver has a different hue than the previous dark silver, from what has been reported on another thread.
  10. metallic green! gorgeous!
  11. green metallic :smile:
  12. Dark silver is more versatile but if you already have something similar then go with the MG.
  13. i think both colors are quite versatile, as they are both neutral colors. that said, my preference is for the dark silver (i :heart: silver anything) but i know the green might be seasonal and harder to get. good luck in the decision making!
  14. Depends on your preferences & style.. both are beautiful colors! DS color seems a little more like an evening bag for me.. so I wouldn't recommend it as a big bag, maybe a smaller 226 or 225 for DS. I think the metallic green would be much more suitable in the big size for daytime use. I also think the metallic green would more readily remain a "classic" color for daytime compared to DS.

    Hopefully you can find both and try them on IRL at a boutique? Or, as I like to do.. check out other people's pics of their DS & metallic green on the forum and see which one is more striking to you. Good luck! You can't really go wrong w/ either color I think.
  15. Green is not usually a neutral, but the green reissue is! I vote for the green metallic.