Please help with counterfeit.

  1. After receiving a counterfeit Hermes wallet (July22) and unfruitfully requesting a refund from the seller, I was forced to file a Paypal claim for "item not as described". I was told that I may need to provide proof that item is counterfeit. I haven't been asked for proof yet by Paypal, but thought I would like to just be ready anyway, (just in case) and contacted "caroldiva" from the link somewhere on this forum. . . . So I received an email from her stating the reasons it appears not authentic. Does any know . . . Is there some way I can forward that email on, to the "powers that be" to help my case? . . . Is the email all I need? . . .(no official document?) Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! (Never done anything like this before) Thanks!
  2. I believe that email is all you need, I think you might have to fax it into paypal upon their request. However, I'm sure someone else here can help you more. :yes:
  3. Wait and see if PP requests the info from you.

    In the meantime, if you paid for the item with a credit card, contact them immediately and file a dispute. Make sure you tell them it was a purchase on eBay and that you've already contacted PP and filed a claim. They will contact pp for you.

    Good luck!
  4. Yay!!! Good News!!! I heard from PayPal that they will be refunding the full price including shipping! . . . once they receive the fake. I sent it off today to PayPal in Dallas via Canada Post-Xpressspost. . . . (Just thought I'd offer encouragement to those who wound up with counterfiets from eBay.) It was exactly 3 weeks from the time I filed the claim!
  5. This is why you should always use paypal, (or something similar) and pay by credit card. I have learned the hard way! I am glad that it all worked out for you! :yahoo:
  6. temo, what a big relief! Congrats on having that lousy problem resolved.
    Thanks for posting this in case one of us newbies encounter the same problem
  7. That's great Congratulations! There are so many bad eBay stories, it's great
    that your's turned out happy! hooray!
  8. Wow, that's great news!!
  9. YAY for you!! That is great news.
  10. glad you got your money back!
  11. I too learned the hard way. Great news for you!
  12. what if you paid through wire transfer? is it still possible to get the money back?
  13. Sorry, I honestly don't know.
    My claim was with paypal, since I paid with Paypal. Perhaps some wire transfer (er)? in the know, will chime in.
  14. if you pay by wire transfer, you can only take it up with your cc, which may or may not cover you since it is not smart to use this method to send money to folks you don't know.
  15. Brilliant news Temo, so glad resolution was quick and relatively simple.