Please help with Chiara details!

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  1. For the Jan. sale, I'm considering a Chiara in a shade of wine with antique gold hardware. I'm leaning toward raspberry but I need to do a little bit more research.

    I think I've seen some pics. showing that the Chiara does not zip all the way across the top. Has anyone had a Chiara produced with different options for the top closure (e.g., full-length zipper or magnetic closure)? Does anyone have pics. of the interior of a full-size Chiara? Is it similar to the Sofia (which I have)?
  2. What about the tinted wine? It will be nice and soft, with more slouch. I don't know if you want more structure.

    I've not ordered that bag, so I can't help w/ the zip. I thought it was a standard zipper though. I believe all of the Ignes bags have the same interior that are larger. I've noticed it in the Sofia, Ormala and the Josephine bags. The one larger zip pocket and two slide pockets with the dogleash key thing.
  3. ^Thanks for your input. I may need to clarify with Ignacio re: the zipper.

    I'm considering tinted wine and bordeaux in addition to raspberry. Since I'd like the bag primarily for work, I think I'd prefer a bit more structure.

    I'd also like to be able to separate work folders from other stuff to some extent. With the Sofia I find I can fit a large wallet in one of the pockets. I was wondering if there are any options for interior dividers or extra-large pockets.
  4. The bordeaux is really pretty and I love the pebbled texture. I think it would make a lovely work bag, but so would the raspberry. The choice between the two is so hard!
  5. I was able to search and find a pic. of a mini-Ormala in bordeaux and it's gorgeous. It looks like a smooth bordeaux though. Are there both smooth and pebbled bordeaux (I think the latter may be called double tone). I think only the pebbled one is included in the sale but I'd still like to clarify.
  6. The interior of a chiara is bigger than a sofia. The zipper does not go all the way across but stops short about 3 inches or so. To be honest, it doesn't really bother me. Here is a pic of my chiara's inside:



    This shot shows you about where the zipper stops:


    I really like the chiara. I think it is a great work bag that looks great on.
  7. I have a raspberry minisophia and I love the color. I can't say enough about it! I just got a new computer and am still in the process of transferring files, so no pics of my bag. But I did find this one, that I believe is Lindap's. Her bag was the inspiration for mine.

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  8. Chiara is so beautiful! I can't help as I don't own one or have that leather, but I did want to cheer you on!
  9. I think nobody around here has a different closure for the chiara, just the standard zipper.
    Both colours are wonderful! the tinted wine is such a smooth lovable leather...and the raspberry is also very beautiful. I dont think you need to worry about structure with this model, because the model is stuctured ( reinforced, with seams...) so you can choose any kind of leather.
    welcome to Ignes!
  10. I appreciate your great pics. lionlaw and thanks for your input everyone.

    I think the short zipper might bother me and that I'd rather have either a full-length zipper or no zipper with a magnetic closure.
  11. If you are in a hurry and stuffingmagazines in, the short zipper could be bothersome. This is my experience when traveling. I asked about the zipper, and they didn't have plans to change it. So, I would hope maybe a double magnetic closure would work. The zipper on my Chiara works fine, and I usually don't have a problem with it. But I wanted to give my honest assessment of when the zip might annoy.

    I have tinted chocolate, and my bag is wonderfully soft and squshy. I think the raspberry or bordeaux would give a very nice structure for work.

    I love my chiara!! Good luck with your creation of a perfect Chiara for you!!
  12. Thanks, it's helpful to know your eperience. From pics., the tinted chocolate looks gorgeous. I would want to put a thick stack of file folders in the bag so would rather have them drop in easily without interference with a zipper. I like the idea of a magnetic closure.
  13. The zipper will irritate if you're talking about file folders. My Ormala almost had a zipper...phew! With files, the widest possible opening is really best, imo.
  14. Files, that's kinda like a stack of thick mags being stuffed in hurriedly when on a trip. You can get them in, mind you, just if you're in a hurry you might not want to stop and aim nicely through the opening. And, the end of the zipper kind of twisted, too, since it was loose. But over all, it zipped up nicely for journeys through the xray machine, and I tend to carry it unzipped most of the time. I will be very curious if the magnetic closures will work. Are you talking about closing up the sides, or the tab thingies that Ignes uses for Sophias??