Please help with BV Pyramid color - Ferro

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  1. I just bought my first BV online -- a New Pyramid in Ferro -- but the color was not what I expected based on what I saw either on line or on the PB-- this bag is almost a gunmetal gray. I wear a lot of black and like color in my bags, so I did not want Nero -- is this a good choice or is there a better color for a woman over 40 who loves great bags?
  2. ferro is a GREAT choice for women over 40! i have the pyramid. i love it. plenty of pix in the reference thread for your pleasure. enjoy!

    it is not a flat color. i would say a blue grey with a wee bit of sparkle. truly a lovely lovely subtle fabulous color
  3. Thank you, Doloresmia! Your post was really helpful. The bag was delivered last night (I literally ran down the stairs to get the package!), and the subtleties of the color were not apparent -- this morning I put it on a table near the window and it is as you describe.

    Just to set my mind at ease, is there any other color I should look at before my 15 day return period expires?

    Thank you again!
  4. I don't know how many colors the New Pyramid comes in, but I too have one in Ferro. It's currently my daily bag and I cannot count the number of compliments (from young as well as mature women) I've received on it; and this is not a fashion-forward area, so it takes a lot for anyone to even notice a bag.
  5. The BV website's depiction of ferro on the New Pyramid photo looks way off to me. No wonder you were surprised when you received it!

    The other colors you might find available via BV-direct for the New Pyramid are moro (a very, very dark brown) or dark truffle (not really sure about this, but I know there are photos out there). I don't know if they'd suit you if you wear black often, though.

    My understanding is that the New Pyramid came in pourpre for this year's Cruise/Resort collection--I could be wrong about that. Because the New Pyramid is typically made in nappa umbria, the pourpre color looks slightly different in it when compared to regular nappa bags such as the Veneta. In the New Pyramid, pourpre would probably translate as a muted, slighty variegated burgundy-red sort of color.
  6. Thank you! I will look into truffle -- but because of the confusion over colors posted on the BV site, I will try to check it out IRL. But, that said, I think the Ferro may be the best choice for the longterm and for the greatest use.

    The New Pyramid is great; the "fit" and drape are magnificent.

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this Forum and to my education about all things BV!
  7. Ferro is a great color if you wear a lot of black. The only other choice I can think of is matita, but Ferro is would still be my choice.
  8. Ferro's one of my favourite BV colours. The faint shimmer of it under the sun never fails to melt my heart. But if you are looking for something with colour, I love pourpre.
  9. Ferro is a beautiful color and goes really well with black. I :love: the slight shimmer and hint of blue/green. I just wish it came in the Old Pyramid or Veneta. I would jump on those faster than a short-track speed skater.
  10. like how the ferro looks with black.. very striking and the bag is beautiful..
  11. Ferro is spectacular, mine is in the Sloane. Fantastic with black and as mentioned and you discovered today the soft satiny shimmer and the changing color which reminds me of Eucalyptus is just amazing. :tup:

    All we need now is a reveal and some modeling pics! :yes: :yahoo:
  12. I have a Ferro Sloane it is my go to bag whenever I wear black or any printed clothes; it practically can go with anything I wear. I simply love it
  13. Thank you ladies. The more I see the Ferro the more I love it. But BV is addictive -- my mind is already thinking about my next BV!! Cabat?
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    Nyzinga - the Ferro Sloane was my first BV. I adore this color. It has a color shifting quality about it. I wear mine with black, grey, blues, burgundy, forest green, white, and even some shades of brown. I also tie a Twilly around the handle for a pop of color.
  15. What a great idea, Jburg! I remember my Mom and her friends tying Hermes scarves to their purse handles -- and I recall her shock that Hermes scarves were $35 -- yes, you read that right and we are talking about the 1950's!

    The more I look at this color the more I like it. Your Sloane must be beautiful -- I looked at the Sloane a lot because I saw similarities between it and the Parachute.