Please help with buying a Denim Neo Speedy

  1. Please post these links in the "Authenticate this" sticky thread at the top of the Shopping of our wonderful experts will be able to help you there.
  2. First auction: Looks good.
    Second auction: Please ask for pics of trademark heat stamp, date code, screws, hardware, interior, handles, and bottom of bag.
    Third auction: Looks ok, but I'm a little iffy on the seller's zero feedback... :s
    Fourth auction: Please ask for closer, clearer pics of trademark heat stamp, handles, date code, screws, and hardware.

    As for a reasonable price on a used Denim Neo Speedy... it all depends on the condition.

    For future reference, please post all authenticity questions in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" Sticky under the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" Section. ;)
  3. Thank you John 5 for your help~!! I am very sorry that I posted this in the wrong section.. How do I delete or move this? If somebody can do it or teach me how to do it, that will be great. Thanks so much!!
  4. Only moderators are allowed to close threads. ;)