Please help with Baby Spy questions :)

  1. Hello Ladies!
    Reading posts in this forum have cemented my love for the Spy and I may be ready to take the plunge. I think the size of the Baby may be best for me, but have a few questions...(forgive me if they have been asked- did a search with no luck).
    Is the Baby a purely hand-held/crook of the arm bag? Also, part of the appeal to me are the lovely Spy colors...does the Baby come in any (Petrol, Emerald, etc)? Thanks so much!!!:flowers:
  2. Hi there,

    FYI, the baby spy is indeed a crook-of-the-arm bag, unless you're as thin as Nicole Richie.

    I have it in chocolate, I know it came in black, white (cream?) and the zucca print, as well as honey. Now it's out in Blueberry, which looks incredible.

    I'm sure I'm missing out on other colors, but I do know it was not produced in all the colors the regular spy was.

    In spite of the fact that it's "baby" it holds quite alot of stuff...I can fit a water bottle, long wallet, brush, cel phone, change purse and other misc. small things with no problem.


  3. skelly do you have a pic holding the baby? How does it compare to my spy hobo?

  4. there's the usual zucca with chocolate leather trim and tortuga-braided handles, a honey color with purple tortuga handles, honey color and the new blueberry!! there are probably a lot more but i'll leave that to the experts :smile:
  5. Baby spy was produced in petrol and cognac as well.
  6. Hi again,

    Alas, I have no photo...but I do have a Fortuny hobo and I can tell you that they probably hold the same amount of stuff.

    The hobo is longer in the body but not as wide if you look from the side, whereas the spy is like a fat football all the way around.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Skelly is right, the baby spy is definitely a handheld or crook of the arm bag. I'm pretty petite, and cannot wear it as an over the shoulder bag, it's nearly impossible.

    It holds so much though, it's a lot bigger than it looks.

    Let us know what you end up getting, good luck!
  8. Thanks SO much!!! You are all so really helps knowing the baby spy is a handheld (as the mother of a toddler I really prefer bags that can go over shoulder :smile:
    Guess I'll save up for a regular size- while scouting for a great deal on a pre-loved one:girlsigh:
  9. great modeling shot!
  10. Personally I still prefer the regular sized spy but it hasn't been until recently that I've considered getting the baby one. I have a cream spy in the regular size and as much as I'd like to get another, I can't afford it. :crybaby:

    I honestly don't know how you ladies do it. Some of you have so many!!! Hopefully in the future when I'm out of uni I can earm lots of money to fuel my handbag addiction.

    I need help though, baby spy in the black, dark cho brown or brown/zucca?? :confused1:
    I can't decide. They are the only 3 colours my local store has (and there is no Fendi in Melbourne!!!!).