Please help with authentication of Coach

  1. Can anyone tell me if this is authentic? I can get pictures of the tag if needed.
    7f_0.jpg c4_1.jpg e3_0.jpg
  2. ek. hard to say. i can only click on the top photo.

    this really belongs in the authentication thread.

    but! you're a guy and i'm assuming your new. :smile:

    please show pics of the tag? maybe inside, as well as the bottom of that bag and clearer pictures?

    right now i can't look it up but tmr i can.

    and i can tell you that is not a bag from 2006 year for sure.
  3. Can you also take pics of the inside label. I've never seen this bag before.
  4. I've seen this style but not the bag itself. I've seen the style but don't remember or know it enough to say it's a real style or if something's off.