Please help with another Botkier

  1. Aaww thanks Jade that's so sweet of you. As you can see I really like that color. The Trigger in that color is also back up on eBay, but I want to believe I can get it cheaper than that, this style is kinda over right? I think the one in the link above is the E/W style, but I'm by no means an expert.
  2. I have that exact same bag and it looks like mine. you might want to see photos of the interior. I like mine, but In the 8 months I've had it, I've used it once. I'll come back to it soon.
  3. maybe it's the picture, but, it looks authentic, just not brand new...maybe it's just the way the pic shows on my computer?
  4. Creighbaby, does the handle go over the shoulder?

    Good idea Song, I'll ask for more pics.
  5. Double post, stupid blackberry.
  6. That's the East West satchel, not the trigger as it's labeled, and I think the color is cognac or Hazelnut. I'd have to see the inside & lining to be sure but it looks authentic to me.
  7. You are showing auctions to two different bags.

    The OP was a triger E/W satchel in Hazlenut. It is an orange/tan with gold hardware. I actually have this exact bag and I sold it on eBay about 6 months ago. It looks good to me. It matches with the pictures of my bag (I bought it directly from Botkier so I know it was authentic). It does not fit over the shoulder. I think it was a 6 inch drop.

    The second bag is a trigger turbo in hazlenut. I also had one of these. It will fit over the shoulder but I think it was a little heavier than the e/w satchel. The inside pockets between the two bags are a little different. The turbo has a little more room because the third main interior pocket is a little bigger.

    There is a similar color to hazlenut called cognac. Cognac only came with silver hardware. Hazlenut came with gold hardware. I had a cognac trigger turbo. Both cognac and hazlenut were produced in the same season.

    The second auction you posted doesn't look authentic to me. The interior is not correct for that color. The lining and the Botkeir nameplate inside the bag are not correct. There have been diferent interiors between the more recent and the early triggers but that color wasn't produced in the eary years so the interior should match my cognac trigger since they came out the same season but there are details there that aren't in my bag and there are details missing.

    If you want to PM me, I can be more specific about what's not right on the second bag.
  8. Yes I know, I didn't want to start another thread on this and bore people with my Botkier hunt. I probably should've been more clear. Also thanks for your input, I pm'ed you.:tup:
  9. I replied.

    They look similar so I wanted to make sure you knew there are different Trigger styles.
  10. Thanks, you're right, they are very similar.