Please help with advice. NIL shoulder bag

  1. Hi Ladies:
    I know nothing about Louis Vuitton. Please excuse my lack of LV knowledge. (I'll have to lurk around a bit to see what I can learn). I have a chance to purchase a Monogram Canvas NIL shoulder bag for a very good price. (Next to nothing!) But it has some issues. The front pouch zipper pull is missing and a tiny bit of the leather on the bottom corner has some damage. Should I bother? (I DO like it!). How can one see about repairs in Canada? . . . or perhaps could I send to the US to be repaired?
    Any info you can share with me would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. Welcome to LV!

    You can take it to LV and they will replace the zipper pull or the entire zipper - they will send out to do. As far as the piping goes, they can only replace the piping and that will cost a lot as they would have to disassemble that part of the bag. The zipper replacement shouldn't cost a heck of a lot.

    Do you have pics of the corner?
  3. Hi Temo,
    First make sure the pre-loved bag is AUTHENTIC.
    You can post a pic in the Authentication thread to be sure.
    The experts here will tell you if it's worth the price for the flaws of the bag.

    Oh, and welcome to the LV obsession!!!!!
  4. No sorry, I don't have the bag. Still wondering if I should purchase it or not. The piping is OK, but it's the little vachetta corner piece that is slightly pulled away. . . . What do you think?
  5. Thanks! I'll prolly just get it and then take your suggestion. Do you know how LV is about repairs? And would it be possible to get repairs in Canada?
  6. LV wont repair it if its not authentic.
    You can take it to your local LV in Canada and they will be able to give you an estimate....but it can take weeks or months to get it back depending on the condition of the bag.....good luck and keep us posted!!!
  7. Yes, make sure it's authentic. Sometimes repairs are pricey, so make sure it's really worth it to you.
  8. I am going to say the same thing... Make sure it is an authentic bag BEFORE you buy it! If it is, then take it to any LV store and ask about the repairs, they can help you with that!
  9. Thanks ladies! Good advice! Sure enough . . .it's fake! . . . Too bad! . . . So sad!
    Oh well, at least it piqued my interest in LV. Never had much interest in the monogrammed thing before. But, since looking around here, I'm seein' the attraction!
  10. I am so sorry it did not turn out.
  11. I'm sorry for you but glad you found out before buying! I once got gyped into buying a fake keepall (after I already owned a few monogram pieces) and found out when I took it to LV to get the clasp on the strap repaired. I tried contacting the seller but that was that. Sigh. Anyway, I wish you luck on your next purchase!