PLEASE HELP with Acne pistol sizing

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  1. Hi I've posted this already in the Acne thread but really need advice on sizing.....I purchased the chestnut pistols in a 39 from Mywardrobe but although they feel great in the width they feel too long & look huge so would I be better off sizing down to a 38 or is there too much difference in the width between the 38 & 39.....I need to return these within the next couple of days either for a refund or an exchange to the smaller size or should I just keep this size but I'm worried that once they stretch they will be even bigger. TIA
  2. I wear a 40 in Louboutin or Chanel, a 39.5 in prada, and a 9 in most american sizes (Frye, Sketchers), and 40 in Isabel Marant. A 40 in Acne pistol is right for me. I hope this helps you extrapolate - I think the acne pistol dont really stretch that much, I would be concerned about going down a size.
  3. Hi thanks for your input..... I ended up returning the 39 & exchanging for a 38 so hopefully they should be here tomorrow or Tuesday but if they are too tight I'm going to give up & maybe Acne pistols aren't for me ;)
  4. I think the problem with Acne pistol boots is that they only come in whole sizes. I find that if they are the right (smaller) size, they tend to be too tight in the ankle and toe; in the larger size, they tend to feel heavy and large. I guess it comes down to whether you prefer slightly small or slightly large. I am debating whether to buy them myself....they are so beautiful, really tempting.
  5. I know its frustrating because I love them too but I measured them against several other pairs of ankle boots & they was quite a bit longer so I'm praying the smaller size fit but the 39 felt great in the width & I agree totally a 38.5 would be perfect ;)