Please help with a Delightful query


Sep 12, 2011
Advice and experience please.

A couple of years ago I bought a preloved Delightful from ebay. She had not been looked after particularly well and wasn't in brilliant condition but I got her for an absolute bargain and was keen to see how I got on with the style. I was also going back to uni so wanted something I could put my books in without worrying too much.

Anyway - I am now unhappy with her condition and my husband has offered to treat me to a new one to celebrate my studying success! I love the delightful and feel it really suits my needs but am worried that this style of bag may have a tendency not to wear well.

The vachetta edging at the top of my bag is really discoloured, scuffed and has two tiny rips. The strap has honeyed really nicely but was scratched when I got her.

I am careful with my bags but this will be an everyday bag so will get lots of wear. Have any delightful owners experienced these particular problems or is it a case that it was just really badly looked after.


Nov 1, 2013
West Coast (U.S.A)
I have the same problem with the top vachetta edge being discolored. I have it only for few months. I am very careful of my bag and what I wear that can stain it. I even rotate the bags I use almost daily. Even being so careful, I still end up with dark markings on the vachetta. I guess this is normal to any bag with vachetta on the top like the Neverfull. If you like the hobo and slouch of the bag, did you consider sully mm? It has zippers but no vachetta edge. For size, the Totally is pretty close. Also have different prints if you don't want any vachetta. Also, to see how bad the delightful can look, go Google the image of the bag.
Jul 18, 2011
I just sold my Delightful because it wasn't aging well. Personally I am done with vachetta leather for a while if not forever. I don't like the aging process the monogram bags go through. But if you love the Delightful do what makes you happy!! Good luck with your decision! :smile:


Apr 3, 2012
I have sold my delightful as well, as I found the trimming around the opening, you know that vachetta around the opening to be very thin, it wrinkled even without using it and I had a tiny cratch without knowing how this could have happend.

I went on to a totally in Damier Ebene, as this canvas shows almost no signs of usage. Please excuse my bad english, hope you understand.


Mar 8, 2011
Waco, TX
In my experience, the delightful does not age well. The top trim as you mentioned, but also the side chaps and bottom piping. For your needs, I would definitely consider a totally in mono or Ebene, or possibly on older, discontinued bag that was made better, perhaps Luco, or Cabas Mezzo or Alto. Godd luck!
Jun 21, 2008
On an airplane...
I personally think the Delightful has way too much vachetta to be an everyday bag.

I would check the delightful you have into rehab and purchase a different bag so you can have variety.
Mar 27, 2010
Try the new Reggia! Similar to delightful but in DE so it will wear amazingly well. However I have a Delightful GM and she's amazing. she's been wearing just great. :smile:


In LVoe :)
Jul 2, 2010
Beaumont, TX
The above pictured delightful does look great!

I've used mine daily since I bought her and the top of mine is very discolored but my handle looks great! It's dark but no scratches and the color isn't uneven but in maybe a few spots.