PLEASE HELP! Wife is driving me crazy wanting this bag!

  1. colleagues and friends would be over the top hysterical if they knew my computer is looking me in the face with this particular screen. More so beacuse I am typing into it. But my wife (who is obsessed with this site, almost as much as she is obsessed with her Hermes), is making me a bit nuts with her latest obsession of a handbag. She actually came off her crocodile kick (for now, as I think she thinks this may be an easier find......uh, right). She wants a red ostrich birkin, I believe the size is a 35. Her problem is she says as far as she knows, it is not made in this color. I see from tooling around a bit on this site (again, horror if I am found out!) that there are several different reds. So my question to you all is.....if a color is not typically made in a certain skin, can it be special ordered? I phoned several stores, and was met with a coldness to rival Antarctica. (Lord, if they only knew the money I have pumped into them). I have a few people working on this....does anyone have any insight for me? Pleaaaasssse all you pros out there, enlighten this husband so that I may furthur feed my wife's obsession! Though really....she deserves it.
  2. What a cute Hubby!!! Shes a very lucky lady.
    I cant help you with your dilemma unfortuanately, but loads of experts on here can
    Good luck
  3. Brian, is that you??


    Seriously though--is there any sales person at an Hermes store with whom you have worked regularly in the past? If so, very often a man visiting the store (NOT calling on the phone, they reallyreally hate that for some reason) often has good luck getting the info on special orders, etc.. You just have to be sure to time your visit when the store will be the least busy.
  4. ^^ITA that this is a personal visit situation.

    From the current leather availability thread, here is the list of colors for ostrich...

    Ostrich - Tangerine, Blue Jean, Bleu Roi, Fuchsia, Blanc, Gold, Vert anis, Cobalt, noir, bleu india, Orange, Cognac, Gris, Raisin, violine, vert foret, Cyclamen, Blanc, Casse Blanc, Taupe

    There is no red on this list, but that is not to say it is not upcoming as a new color for 2008. This is definitely a discussion for the SA or Director at your store.

    Good luck.
  5. LOL - I love this thread! Good Luck, Hubbby! Ostrich does come in red (although I can't remember which shade.....rouge vif?) but I haven't seen it for ages. CB's list of current availability would be most correct. Best of Luck in your quest!
  6. GF, you are right-on... i clearly remember it was ostrich in rouge VIF (as i recently showed my gf the TPF leather chart & she loved the VIF ostrich skin so much)...

    i think my gf wld also be disappointed to hear that ostrich rouge VIF is not avail at this moment...
  7. here is for the wonderful hubby in this thread -

    reference from TPF's leather chart, how rouge VIF ostrich look like, hope it helps! :biggrin:
    rouge VIF ostrich.JPG
  8. Gee, it seems like I heard of a vintage rouge vif ostrich not too long ago from one of the resellers. Look at the list of resellers and contact them. They send out email lists of available bags from time to time.
  9. What is SA?
  10. LMAO - I SHOULD have remembered, I made the Colour Chart!!
  11. SA= sales associate, also known as the retail store clerk who will come to control your destiny. :p
  12. I guess we'll find out when one of us gets a rouge ostrich birkin!! :graucho: 4wife: SA means Sales Associate at the H store. Find out who your wife works with if you can. A cemented relationship always yields better results. Good Luck!
  13. Yes, and please let us know if ostrich in rouge vif is currently available!!!

    good luck!
  14. There was an Ostrich bolide in rouge vif several months ago at the Beverly Hills Hermes and it was TDF!!!! Definitely a stunning color! Good luck to you 4wife! and your wife is a blessed woman!
  15. I believe the color she wants is caled Rouge H, not the VIF as mentioned. I assume I can special order this? Generally how long does a special order take? I am taking the advice of several of you and going into the store personally. Thankfully there is one blocks away from my office. Just would like to not sound like the ignorant man that I am in this circumstance. I have only been into a couple of Hermes stores with my wife, and it was on vacations. Thank you for all the help. Ha, ha, I wonder if my wife has seen this?!