please, help! wich one is better, teal or aquamarine??

  1. I need your help girls, i have to decide if a buy a teal 05 or wait for the new one, the Aquamarine, what do you think? is teal a bit dull in comparison to teal or not? thanks:confused1:
  2. If you do a search on Aqua, there will be a thread by powderpuff that has a lot of photos of teal, turq and aqua. I believe (I've never seen any in person) from the pics, aqua seems a greener than turquoise and a little brighter than teal. I'd love to see it in person. I'd go with the Aqua if you want a stand out color.
  3. Here's teal 05


    and here's Aqua 07 and the lower one is Turquoise 05

  4. you are right Cracker, the aqua is very nice and brighter, thanks for the pics. I think I prefer the aqua, hope the city bag is coming soon!!
  5. I prefer the Aqua. It seems more vibrant!
  6. i love teal and turquoise, but the aquamarine looks gorgeous, the best of both worlds. i hope to see it IRL.
  7. i bought the aqua day and returned it to BalNY - it's very green, almost like what a turquoise ring would look like, very mottled. the teal and the turq are a much richer color. i wasn't crazy about the leather either, for the new 07 - very veiny. but people here seem to like the aqua - i wasn't crazy about it...
  8. sorry to post again, but i must say that the aqua photographs much prettier than what it looks like IRL...
  9. Having seen both the teal and the aquamarine IRL, I have to say that I love the aquamarine and am kind of indifferent about the teal. To me, the aquamarine really pops.
  10. My number one choice is the Teal and then 05 Turquoise.:yes:
  11. Aqua!!
  12. how does it compare to blue india?
  13. good question.... the juggles seem to be: BI, teal, turq and acquamarine