Please Help! Why did the SA's shoe (sp) me away?

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  1. I have a Coach Parker bag that I've noticed the leather is almost 'chipping' off on one of the sides of my tote (under the gold rose lock on the side pocket).
    I've only had this bag for a couple of months TOPS...

    Well i took it into Coach today and they said it wasn't something Coach could fix (SA's said they only fix stichings and hardware). I asked if they knew somewhere I could get it repaired and they said no. She literally said "Every bag does that over time it just depends on the person". Excuse me? But OVERTIME is not a couple of months...a year, or two maybe, but not after a couple of months of HARDLY ever being used.

    I told them "Well if I'm paying almost $400 for a bag, IMO it shouldn't only last a couple of months before the leather wears off". I might as well buy a $40 bag from Kohls that will last me a couple months.

    Does anybody know what their 'policy' is on things like that?
    Here is a picture of the wear. And I take such good care of my bags (they evcen get their own chairs when we dine at resturaunts). So I know it's not something thats happened because of mistreatment. And this side doesn't even rub on my body when it's worn.

    Anyone chime in pleasE?!?
  2. Well, I know it's hard to replace the leather but when my Glam Tote had glue coming out from under the trim, they offered to send it off to be fixed/cleaned, but she tried to clean it in the store instead. I feel like everyone says something different about repairs!
  3. a few months is too short of a timespan and i would just do one of two things

    1- go to another coach store and ask them to send it in for repairs
    2- call JAX yourself and send it in for repairs

    i am curious what their response was to when you told them that you thought it should last longer than a couple of months
  4. When I said it should've lasted thats when she just reinerriated that they all do that over time. I just rolled my eyes and walked out of the store.
    I don't have the opitino to go to another store because that's the only coach store in my whole state.

    They totally treated me like S**T Like I was crazy for even bringing it in to ask where I can possibly get it fixed.
  5. I'd of asked for the manager, and if that was the manager I'd of got on the phone with JAX right there and then and complained. They should of at least offered to send it in. wtf
  6. Call the store and ask for the manager. Describe what happened when you came in inquiring and ask how they will rectify the situation for you. Make sure you get the names od all employees you speak to. If nothing changes ask for their regional's phone #. If all that fails call JAX. That is unacceptable customer service. Good luck and let us know what happened!
  7. That is strange since I talked to the manager about my silver patent Zoe yesterday, how some of the stitching is frayed and they know it is an older bag, but said they could send it in for me if I wanted them to. I am debating on it because I don't want to go so long without it
  8. Well I took ya'lls advice :smile: The more I sat here and thought about the price of their bags and this happening so soon I just got more and more mad. Point blank, I can buy a cheap walmart purse and it last more than a couple of months. But no, I chose to fork out the $$$ for a couple hundred dollar purse instead. IMO these bags should last....and last awhile! Especially if they are taken good care of.

    So i called them. They appologized and offered to give me $358 store credit for another bag :smile: The only thing is, Ihave to give them my Parker. She is my LOVE. I love everything about her :sad: I just hate that the leather is chipped off on that corner. And theres no way I'd ever find another Pink Parker out there...

    What's a girl to do? I dont know if I want to depart with my love :sad: Too bad I cant keep her and get the credit!!!! Now that would be a dream come true. Their just going to throw her out anyways, so why not let me care for her lol?!
  9. There are some parker bags on might be able to score a bag you love there for a great price and use the Coach credit for something NEW!!!
  10. I'd take the credit and run......

    if you love her that much and it's not going to bother you in the long run then keep it.
  11. I think there's an option for keeping the bag and getting a letter for 40% off another bag. You might ask about that if you want to keep this one.
  12. Just gonna say, send her in to get repaired on the off chance they can fix it. If they can't fix it, then they should give you the 40% off letter. With the bag being so new, I would ask them to waive the $20 charge. Good luck!
  13. Take the credit and run. Honestly, it's thin soft leather stretched over hard plastic like material and one whack on a wall or doorjam can cause that kind if damage. I've had it happen to me. Not saying that's what happened but it's something that could be caused by 'wear and tear' even over the short term. I'm glad you were able to get it resolved :smile:
  14. A bag should last well past a couple of months.

    So should a good pair of shoes. I've spent decent dough on a nice set of treads... but lets say I take them out for a night on the town. With good care, only putting them on once I'm i the car, never stepping over a grate, or in mud or water... say while at dinner I misjudge the table leg and smack, a small noticeable dent is now every present and glaring at me from the vamp of my pretty new shoes.

    Do I take it back? Well it should've lasted.. one measly little bump shouldn't have damaged my pretty brand new shoes that cost nearly as much as my mortgage payment. Heck, the heels I bought at the department store on sale has taken worse beatings and it still looks brand new!!

    Truth be told, when high dollars are spent on items - they're gonna require a higher level of care. The leather's not going to wear out just sitting there by itself. These bags were manufactured well in advance of us buying them. Sometimes up to a year or more. They sit in storage waiting for their season. If they were going to wear out for no reason.. that would be the time.

    I'm going to go with the responses above and say it's wear and tear.

    As for keeping the credit and the bag??? On that principle alone, I would have a closet full of slightly knicked high dollar shoes, handbags and leather jackets. I understand being upset about a dearly beloved bag. When mine was damaged and I had no other recourse, I kept it, did what I could for it... and use it sparingly. I also took the opportunity to go shopping for a replacement.
  15. I think it looks like wear and tear. Like it was banged against a wall or door frame.
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