Please help: White cabas or white city bag???

  1. I need your input...I love, love love Balenciaga handbags and am trying to decide on a white bag for spring.
    What do you guys think..a white balenciaga city bag or the white Chanel baby cabas??
    I don't know if there are other girls out there like myself but I love both looks so please help.:yes:
  2. Baby new fave bag. I doubt Chanels white turns yellowish.
  3. chanel cabas!!!! I love my balck one and I have seen the white in person. I love it!
  4. Chanel Cabas all the way. I have the original cabas in white...It's drop dead beautiful...

  5. Oh, wow..this is a very easy one to answer...White Cabas all the way!!!!! good luck and let us know what you decide on.
  6. I love white b-bags, but I love white coco cabas even more! White baby Coco cabas!
  7. I vote cabas as well! I have a black baby cabas and love it! I don't think that the leather on the cabas will dirty as easily as Balenciaga leather.
  8. i'm not being a traitor but i'm :drool: over the coco cabas :p
    but not the baby, the big one!
  9. I absolutely love the baby cabas as well ... only thing for me personally is that I like hand held bags more than shoulder bags, soooo .... I went with the White City instead for myself ... but if you also like shoulder bags I would definitely get the cabas, KWIM ???
  10. After looking @ the picture, I would definitely pick the white Chanel baby cabas.
  11. Hmmm, that Chanel is so pretty. I really like it, but I still think the prettiest white bag ever is the Bbag City. I have a white Chanel flap with silver and I love it, use it for dressier occaisions. But the white Bbag is perfection in my poinion. The style, leather and color seem made for each other. It was the white City that originally caught my attention to Balenciaga's.
  12. Chanel Cabas !!!
    You can always have a White City later....
  13. Chanel baby cabas all the way. I have one and love it. I have not seen anyone else with it yet.
  14. White city. It's so practical with the pocket on the front. The Chanel is beautiful, though.
  15. baby cabas It's gorgeous!!!