Please Help! Which Wallet For My New Louis V. Mirage?


Which is a better choice??

  1. Vernis in Amarante

  2. Monogram Canvas

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  1. Hello,

    I'm new here and I was hoping you can help me decide...

    I just placed an order for the Louis Vuitton Mirage in black. It will be the perfect birthday present for Me :tender:, I had it overnighted so I will have it Tuesday. It was a hard color choice but I decided on the black. I am hoping to use it as an everyday bag and I think black is a better choice for everyday. Does anyone else who has this bag use it as an everyday bag as opposed to the "special occasion" handbag that never gets used. I have plenty of

    Now the issue...

    Which wallet goes best? Too bad they don't have a matching one. I am deciding between the regular Louis Monogram and the Monogram Vernis. I was looking at the Armarante color, is that a black?? what color is that?

    Which is a better match? I thought I would go with the Vernis to get that patent leather look to match the handles. But maybe just the basic monogram is a better fit??

    Well I know if anyone will have a valid opinion it will be you girls. My fellow addicts:heart:

    Look forward to your suggestions!!

    Thank you!
  2. Welcome to the PF!!!

    The Amarante is more of a deep DARK cherry burgandy. I would go with the mono for sure!! The Vernis scratches easily and shows finger prints. Congrats on the Mirage! Its a beauty! I love mine.

    Let us know what you get!!
  3. I say a vernis zippy
  4. Oh and congrats on your new bag!!
  5. I'd get a wallet in MONO for the Mirage.

    Congrats on the fabulous purchase!
  6. Such an amazing bag, needs an amazing wallet!

    I would get a eugenie wallet in either regular mono or in epi leather!!
  7. I second vernis zippy. I have a piece in this colour and it is like a deep purple that almost looks black in some lights. The fingerprints aren't bad and the SM sent a cloth to wipe them away with.
    Either way you go you can't go wrong, though!
    Congratulations on a beautiful bag choice.
  8. A Monogram Eugenie wallet would be stunning with your Mirage Speedy. I have the bordeaux Mirage Speedy and I use my Monogram zippy organizer wallet. Too bad LV didn't add some Mirage wallet choices for us.

    When you think about it, though, either wallet will work. Both choices are divine. Good luck with your decision!
  9. Thanks for the good info, so far I think I'm leaning towards the Eugenie Monogram. I just wish the tan trim was black patent. Talk about a beautiful combo! I think the Vernis would drive me nuts with the fingerprints. If I chose the Bordeaux color mirage I would go for the Vernis Amarante but since it's not a color match I'm thinking the monogram sounds better...hmmmm

    Keep the advice coming!
  10. I love the Eugenie Monogram. It will match any purse.
  11. I think either would work well. I love the vernis though. I have the pochette wallet (but in pomme) and I don't really have a problem with scratches or fingerprints. Even though the amarante is more of a berry color, it should work well with your black Mirage.
  12. I second the amarante zippy! Thinking of getting one for myself too!
  13. I have the Bordeaux Mirage Speedy and I use the mono Eugenie wallet. They are an excellent pair! So my vote is mono.
  14. I just got the Eugenie wallet and it matches everything and has everything you need in a wallet!!
  15. For the noir, I think the mono wallet would be a better match. The vernis amarante is gorgeous but it's more of a dark, dark purple/burgundy color. I don't think it will exactly match the black patent of the noir. While we're on the topic, why oh why didn't LV make mirage wallets? I bought the bordeaux speedy would've snapped up a matching wallet for sure!