Please help- which reissue should i get?

  1. I am having trouble deciding on the color of the reissue. The available choices are:

    1) Reissue 2.55 Grey 227

    2) Reissue 2.55 off white 226

    this is such a difficult decision...:sad:

    I am 5'2", is 227 too big for me? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.:heart:
  2. I'm also 5'2" and I'd TOTALLYgo w/ #1. I would pick grey adn that size for sure!
    Are these the 2 that are only $100 difference?
  3. #1 - love the gray and the size! it has such a modern twist to it
  4. hi Swanky,
    yep 100 dollars difference. Here are a picture I carry the 228, I think it is too big, so I want to exchange for a smaller one.

  5. hi shopgirl.. thanks for the feedback, the 228 looks huge on me...never saw the 227 in real life, so I can't decide.
  6. I think the gray 227 would fit you nicely. I have the gray 226, but I think that one extra inch should not make a dramatic difference.
  7. Lucky you!! I would LOVE to have to a 226...:shame:
  8. by the way, 226 is 10 inches, 227 is 12 inches, right? so it would be 2 inch difference... sigh~
  9. Oh well, there goes my philosophy.... Anyway, to be honest, I love my 226 and would not trade it for the world, but it does not hold much... so the next size up may be better depending on what you want to use it for... When I change bags, I usually have to leave some essentials behind when I switch over to the 226.
  10. I'm 5'2" and have the 227 in grey. I think that it is a great size. I just saw the bronze reissue IRL yesterday in the 226 and thought it looked a little small. But you look pretty hip with the 228 ... are you sure you don't like it?
  11. :shame: thanks Asl_Bebes, it yeah... it just looks too big on me... I sooo wish that I could love it, but I just can't take the size anymore:cry:..
  12. Where did you find an offwhite in the 226? I have been calling a bunch of stores and so far none that I have called are getting the offwhite in 226. I'm dying to own one.:biggrin:
  13. I would vote for the grey 227...or a grey 266 if you'd feel more comfortable.

    I think that the off-white would just be way too high maintenance and have loads of potential for heartbreak!

    I have the black 226...I adore it,but I think I could have carried off a 227 too. I am 5'2.
  14. I ordered from NM, haven't arrived yet... SA told me it is the last one..they always say the same thing. :blink:
  15. congrats on your 226 :love: is it with gold or silver chain? forget the question, I love them both!!